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Rolla has a Viffer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rolla, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone.
    Deb and i went for a leisurely drive yesterday to Wendouree, (out the other side of Ballarat.) to check out a VFR750F. It is now sitting under our carport.

    It is a 1988 model, which has done a lot of K's but for the price i couldn't really turn it down.
    Was fun bringing it home last night. Especially since i forgot my clear visor and it was very dark.

    I am so glad to be back on the road again. And i think Deb is too, means we can get out and ride again. :dance: :dance: \:D/ \:D/ :dance: :dance:
  2. Another one who has seen the light!!
    Looks like a great buy and I'm sure lots of fun to come.

  3. u didnt mention how much u got it for? :p

  4. Amen Brudda :biker:
  5. but its a Honda.... :wink:
  6. And thus it is perfect :p

    Well done, Rolla is rollin again :)

    And only days before me ;)
  7. You rollin now baby :grin: or is that Rolla :-k in :roll: Congrats Dave
  8. Good to see Rolla with a grin from ear to ear at coffee tonight too.. :cool:
  9. Yea it was :) good to see you back on a Honda
  10. V ery
    F un
    R iding
  11. Ex......cellent! :grin:

    Must pinch it off you for a spin sometime ;)
  12. Anytime. :)
    And i have already had the front wheel up so i don't mind if you do the same. :p :p :p
  13. Woohoo. nice one Dave.

    Another Viffer sniffer.....

    Cant wait to get you out for a squirt soon.....howabout Saturday ?
    I better check with Lil Im not doing anything first ! ! !

    But yeah you up for a Saturday spurt......Maybe slowandsteady will come along too.....Woodsy ? VFR saturday ? anyone else ?
  14. Woot! Congrats Dave :)
  15. Bugger! Ended up getting a call out on the weekend (kissed the flaf run goodbye) and I've got the kids this weekend.
    We've got get it together soon though!!
    VFRs unite
  16. Congrats Dave.
    good to hear you're getting your end up!! I mean front end. :LOL: :LOL:

    Anyway I'm sure the 2 of you will be enjoying yourselves :wink: :grin:
  17. Congats Dave. :dance: Love it and thrash it well dude. :cool:
  18. Congrats Dave, Any colour so long as its black, good choice.
  19. Congrats Dave. :woot: