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Roll-your-own two-stroke sportsbike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by duncan_bayne, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. #1 duncan_bayne, Mar 9, 2010
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    So I have a 2007 Mito with about 11000km on it ... I've heard that the engine will be in need of a freshen-up by about 20K, especially given that I use it mostly for scratching (and even my commuting is ... revvy ...)

    I'm pretty sure there is zero chance of any manufacturer coming to the party with a large-capacity two-stroke sportsbike, so: come the need for a 20K freshen-up, I think I'm going to turn my Mito into one of these:


    I have heard of RZs set up for drag racing making in excess of 75HP, so I figure 50HP is a reasonable target given a ground-up rebuild of the donor engine, decent expansion chambers, etc. etc.

    That should be double the power of the Mito with only a little more weight ... but a whole lot of work. Still a lot cheaper than buying an 80s 500 and fixing the chassis, brakes, suspension, wheels ... basically everything other than the engine 8-[

    That said I'd give the Mito a bit of a going-over in those areas as well ... new shock, rebuilt forks, but nothing like the kind of surgery you'd need to coax modern handling out of something like an RD500.

    To be clear, I'd be looking to take a donor engine, the Mito, and a wad of cash to someone mechanically literate ... I can stretch to changing a chain, and that felt like something of an accomplishment ](*,)

    So ... has anyone tried anything like this in the past? Care to share any wisdom about having bespoke bikes made? Any shops to avoid or any you'd recommend? Thinking of going to Clive Carter, as he races classic strokers, & is in fact currently servicing the aforementioned Mito ...
  2. Oh, and isn't this one GORGEOUS:


    (From this thread).
  3. Oh, and also mentioned on that thread:

    Now that would be genuinely, truly insane. Assuming it's true ("but I read it on the interwebs!") that would be an absolutely mental bastard of a bike ... would make my old carby GSXR seem tame ...

    One step at a time though ...

    Edited to add: Oh, and apparently 916 front-ends fit ... mmmmm ...

    Edited again: Seems you can get a conversion kit - basically spacers, plates and and stuff - for AU$600 from eBay ...
  4. Oh and how about this ...


    ... or this monster ... no RZ350 engine but an RD500LC 8-[


    (Both from here).
  5. If I wasn't too tall and too heavy to make it work for me this would be my top priority. Do it!

    As you've noticed now there are all sorts of kits available to swap in bigger 2-strokes and even large thumpers.
  6. Good luck with the project mate, I will be following this with interest :D

    Meanwhile I'm going to try to make my own 2S engine... probably nothing will come of it (maybe a few explosions) but you never know 8-[