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Roland Sands Design Ronin Jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by panza83, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/roland-sands-design-ronin-leather-jacket

    Bought one of these jackets a week ago, bloody great, very soft leather, fits amazingly.
    Was looking for a well cut non-power ranger jacket for ages. Saw these on sale at Revzilla and thought I'd give it a bash. They don't sell them in Australia, contacted the importer of RSD and no dice.

    More info, watch the video review on revzilla. Very happy camper, even if revzillas site if a bit misleading on price...

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  2. Bit misleading - they do a bit of a bait and switch when you pick one of the normal colours.

    I've been looking at some of the RSD stuff - looks pretty neat. How much was shipping?
  3. That look's great. What colour did you buy? Photos?

    Some of the review I read mentioned the sleeve as being too long. How is the fit on yours?

    What do you think of the build quality and crash safety aspect of the jacket?
  4. postage was $59, so that was a bit steep too... Entire order was US$590, but then gave me $25 in revzilla cash which can be applied to the next order.
    The sleeves are fine. They must just have short ass arm. Built quality is amazing, abrasion resistance should be good (I hope), but there is no armour included. Need to buy that separately if you want it.

    Oh and I picked black.
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  5. Has anyone got one of these in tobacco colour? I'm a bit torn inbetween getting a black or brown jacket... Usually black is the safe bet looks wise.
  6. The brown is beautiful man, google some videos looks great

  7. Ronin Jacket in tobacco with bonus of Ninja 300.
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  8. Thanks for the mini review. I was eyeing this (tobacco) as i too am not a fan of the power ranger look, nor the 'branding' everywhere gear ala Alpinestars. Sadly we don't have much of these choices in Australia. Good on you for biting the bullet!
  9. That is a cool jacket. I think it would look great on me :D
  10. Hey I'm thinking of getting one of these bad boys in black as well - I'm thinking a medium. I'm about 74kg 170cm.
  11. Talkie, they're now imported into Australia and there's a fair few at Peter Stevens and Triumph Melbourne out on the the floor now!
  12. Thanks for that. I ended up finding them in stock at MCAS by chance the day after they got them in. I got myself a small black Ronin. Originally I was going to get a medium from the size chart but upon wearing it it was way too big (no armour in).

    Hope that helps others who are after it.
  13. Thanks for that. I ended up finding them by chance at MCAS the day after they got them and got a small black Ronin.

    I tried the medium which is what the size chart recommended and it was way too big. Hope that helps anyone else after this jacket.
  14. Hey mate, - which MCAS branch did you go to? I need to pick up one....- cheers,
  15. I went to the City store
  16. Great looking jacket. Couple of q's for you that are so lucky to already own. Armour, does it have to be brand specific, or do more easily available brands fit? How is the Ronin on a hot day? Thanks
  17. I got a good response from RevZilla about the armour.

    Is there CE Level 2 armour that you recommend using for this jacket?

    What are your thoughts on D3O? I think Icon does this for their armour.

    Do you rate this compared to force field and will it fit in the jacket? A rep at RSD has said the arm units are pretty universal but the back may be an issue.

    If you are going to look for a more robust armor set up, you may have to do some alterations as this jacket is made to hold the Forcefield armor. In my opinion the Forcefield kit is a pretty solid option. If you want to update to CE Level 2 armor you could certainly look to something like the Forcefield Back Protector Pro Kevlar L2.
    This would be worn underneath your jacket as a separate piece entirely and would probably be the best alternative option. Although it is somewhat bulkier and you would need to factor that in to your sizing criteria.

    As far as overall protection, I would rate the D3O armor as superior to the RSD branded Forcefield gear. Also, the rep at RSD is correct. The arm pockets could be made to fit, but the back pads are different in size and shape, so if you were going to get an optimal fit it would require some alterations. I would personally rather wear the regular armor with a good fit than the upgraded armor that was not designed to work together as well.

    Hope that helps.

    With the heat - it's ok, you do get sweaty but I just have the zip partially undone and sleeves expanded.