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Roger Waters

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by PatB, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Went to see The Wall last night as a late Xmas pressie for MrsB. Bloody good it was. The show must have been quite something back in 1979 and has been impressively updated. Mr Waters himself didn't do too badly, either, considering he must be getting on for 70 these days.

    Well worth the positively ball-shrinking amount of money it cost for half decent seats. If you're even half inclined to go, do so if you can still get tickets.

  2. I keep missing this, but this time round I rembered, looked on ticketek and frankly pissed myself laughing. He might be a legend and I'm sure the show is outstanding but at 400 bucks a ticket if I remember rightly, he can keep them
  3. Goddam it. The week it's on is my uni exam period. :-(
  4. $400 a ticket? I have it on vinyl - no thanks.
  5. I think Dave Gilmour did it for less than half that price.
  6. ...and twice the talent? :cheeky:

  7. 8-[

  8. Very excited, got tickets for the 10th.

    Got disc 1 spinning at the moment :)

    Glad to hear it was good PatB.
  9. Well, I thought it was good, but more importantly MrsB, who is much more of a Pink Floyd devotee than I am, was impressed.

    As noted above, it was bloody expensive but then, some things can be economised upon but others cost what they cost. The Wall was/is an iconic live show. If you want to see it (and we did), there aren't a lot of alternatives.

    And this is coming from a man who still grumbles about having once paid ten quid for two almost undrinkable coffees and a stale muffin at an unrelated event sixteen years ago :D.
  10. my young son said he's going at Rod Laver, didnt know it was THAT pricey..
  11. I think our tickets were only around $150ea, no idea where we're sitting though...
  12. That's about what the cheap seats in Perth were too IIRC. I was too late for the cheapies though so had to cough up for something better. No regrets though. Best spot I've ever had at a gig, barring being in the front row to see Girlschool 25 years ago. Y'know, back when they were worth looking at and I was still interested :twisted:.
  13. I'm thinkin my son's might be roudn the $150 so nose bleed no doubt, he doesnt care just wants to be there.
  14. I saw the pros and cons of hitchiking tour at Wembley, and the second half was basically The Wall, so I can imagine how good the updated show will be - but still too expensive for me.

    and Pat, I just downloaded Hit N Run the other month and some of the songs still work well - I dread to think what they look like now so I'll ignore google and just live with my memories..
  15. if you're really impoverished and absolutely have to see a big cardboard wall constructed and torn down with some occasionally questionable music accompanying, you should try the pink floyd tribute guys that are still touring after all these years.
  16. You're young. I wouldn't expect you to understand :wink:.
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    Trust me brother, pink Floyd have been a musical staple of mine since I was 12. I get it, I just don't think the wall is the monumental achievement it is lauded as.
  18. Yeah, but it was, perhaps more than any other PF creation, a product of its time and so probably means more to those who can, however dimly, remember that time than to those who don't. Regarded in isolation, yes it would lose quite a bit.
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    It's more of a roger waters album than a pink Floyd album but I think the final cut takes the cake for that! And the final cut IMHO is more zeitgeisty than the wall, all that angst about nuclear war...
  20. It might have been mostly Waters' thing, but to me, his later renditions of it struggle to cut it musically compared to the original, as well as to the tracks from it since performed by Gilmour, Mason and co.

    Waters' Radio KAOS is a decent enough theme album along similar lines, but again, it's musically very different from Floyd in their earlier popular days or since.