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Roderz moves out (Know a good place?)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Roderz, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. Maybe it's a bit late in my life to be moving out for the first time, but you get that...

    At the moment, I'm looking for something within Tram distance to the city, with space for the bike. Preferably not Western Suburbs and not too far North. Priced around $100. Cheaper would be good, but I can probably go up to about $125. Townhouse, apartment, flat, unit, house, I don't really care what it is. I currently work night shift though, but not forever. Non-Smoker, star sign Cancer, I enjoy walks along the beach and all that...

    If anyone knows a good place let me know. All offers considered.

    Thanks all.

    P.S. Bike bike bike bike. There, now it's on the right forum...
  2. The only way you will get something around your price within tram distance of the city is by sharing rent with someone who has a spare bedroom. Good luck.

    Do you have a date by when you need to move?
  3. I realise that you have finished uni, but perhaps (and this follows on from MLC's comment) look at the room for rent boards around Melbourne Uni, RMIT, etc.

    Just a thought...
  4. I got a room for rent, with room for a bike, but reckon its a bit far out for your liking. Certainly no trams around....

    Mike, Flipper and Fling have all been here, ask them what they think.

    Oh, and its Sunbury, aka Butt F*&k Idaho
  5. Heh heh - we gots a room in North Melbourne going for about $90 pw. Strange ole house and you'll need a bike cover, but plenty of room up the backyard for it as well as mine.

    Neighbourhood is fantastic, house is.... geometrically interesting and very relaxed (ie. not real tidy). PM me if you wanna take a look. Sharing with me (28), my back warmer/bandito biatch (24) and 1 other (currently in flux).

    Lemme know if you're interested.
  6. Sorry, should have specified that I'm looking for a room/share house.

    No time limit on when I have to move out, but I'd like it to be as soon possible... I can do it now, so I want to do it now.
  7. Bundoora, preston, Greensy area sounds bout what ur looking for. U should easily be able to find something nice round the $100 a week mark.
  8. Geez, you don't live in Lambeth Street do you? And if you do, is the granite piller still in the living room?