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Rode to work today!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by deafwish, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. With it being such a nice clear, crisp morning in Melbourne to day, i decided to brave the Monash fwy and ride from Mt Waverley to Derrimut.
    I fitted my bicycle computer yesterday and heres the info it gave me of my commute:
    Max speed: ummm.....100.... :roll:
    Average speed: 59.9 km/h
    Distance: 42.33 km/h
    Elapsed time: 42.23 min'.

    Funnily enough, my average time in the car is near on 1 hour exactly!
    I limited lane splitting to two or three times (not much really).

    Some useless info for y'all!
    Daz. :wink:
  2. Sweet. What sort of bicycle computer did you fit?
  3. Where the hell is Derrimut?? :shock:
  4. I ask myself that question every day!
    It's past Laverton North on the ring road.
    The computer is a Specialized COMP.
    Was about $50.
  5. So, where did you get it, how do you attach it, how do you read it, etc etc???
    C'mon, man, we need ALL the information!
    (sounds like a great ride anyway)
  6. Officially Derrimut (according to the latest Melway [Map 39) is bounded by Robinson's, Boundary, Western Ring, Fitzgerald & Foley Roads.

    Basically it's located between Deer Park & Laverton in Melbournes Industrial western heartland (my home turf).
  7. deafwish,
    I was most likely zealously cursing you as I sat in my car driving from Moonee Ponds down to Doveton... such a lovely day, wish I was on the bike and didn't have to come into work.

    Yeah, would be good to know where you got the bike putter from.
  8. I rode to work today too, it was fun. Sun was shining and I took the tiwsty back road from home to school.

    Might do that again.
  9. rc36... funny haha... you lucky ...

    I was riding in as well, making bike noises as I sat and wait for the traffic to move...

    Can't beleive I'm still doing it at 30 yrs of age!!!!
  10. The ability to make bike noises whilst sitting in traffic, because you are jealous of the bike that has just gone past or is sitting beside/behind you does not go away ever.
    I wish I could have bought mine in this morning even with the wet on the roads for most of the way in.

    Maybe tomorrow. Then again maybe not.

  11. Since when did wet roads stand in the way of riding? :)
  12. well can say i enjoyed the ride into work today, for some reason wasn't as busy as it normally is, just hope the rain stays away untill i get home tonight
  13. Ah well, that explains why I don't know where Derrimut is, it's west :p I also rode into work today, not too much traffic, although there was this tosser in a black van weaving in and out of traffic and not bothering to indicate. Several times he almost got collected by massive semis. :?
  14. I got it at a bicycle store......
    Make sure if you get one, it goes past 100!
    It's mounted next to my left hand grip.
    I ran the cable down the left fork leg (cable tied) and cable tied next to my disc rotor. With the magnet, i had to epoxy glue (Quicksteel) it to the inside of the rotor.
    The install looks clean and the display looks HOT!
    Gives me two trip meters, now i can effectively lube chain etc. at the right intervals!
    A must buy for any biker IMHO!
    Daz. :wink:
  15. Just a quick question. How did you calibrate a pushbike speedo to accurately work on a motorbike? The circumference of the wheel/tyre need to be calibrated to get a a accurate reading. Obviously your timing won't be affected the speed and distance travelled would be.
  16. hey Daz, send us a couple of photos of same, please!!
  17. The computer allows you to measure in millimetres, the distance the wheel travels in ONE FULL ROTATION.
    You enter this data into the computer and it's very accurate!
    I reckon my Honda speedo is out now!
  18. I rode to work today too. Problem is it is only about 4 kms from my house to the school I'm at today so it wasn't very interesting. School finishes at quarter to 3 at this one so I might go for a quick blast before I go home...

    Coffee night in Sydney tonite so get a chance to ride then too.

  19. well wish i hadn't ridden to work today, was lucky noone did anything stupid in front of me as had enough trouble just thinking about what i was doing... mind was on other things ](*,) :facepalm: :cry:
  20. You get a bit of chalk (ask smee for some) and mark a spot on the ground, and your tyre where it touched that mark. Sit on the bike, and roll forward until the wheel has gone through a complete revolution. Mark the spot. (it helps to have a helper). measure the distance.

    When I did mine, I used three revolutions to get a bit more accuracy.

    I wouldn't go anywhere without my bike computer.

    BTW a useful mod is to get a little rare earth magnet from Jaycar to replace the original. Mine is strong enough to stay put without any adhesives (at speeds up to <deleted>).