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Rode to work for the first time today...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MREVOX, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Well, at least the first time I had to actually work... I rode in once before as a test run :)

    This time was very different though. I live in Campbelltown, and work in Chatswood.

    Get up at 6am, check the weather forecast and have a look outside. See some sky amongst the clouds that appear to be dispersing. I tell myself I wont ride if it starts raining by the time I have to leave (I haven't really ridden in the rain/wet yet).

    Get geared up... two t-shirts, jumper, leather jacket, backpack, neck warmer, kevlar jeans, boots, thermal gloves, leather gloves, helmet and ear foams. I almost look like a walking motorbike accessories shop.

    As I'm about to leave, check I've got everything... wallet, house keys, phone, M5 tag. Lock house up. Wait... kinda need keys to motorbike as well.

    Road is rather wet after rain all night and the cold weather. Set off, and get on to the F5... heavy fog. Condensation starts building on the inside and outside of the visor. Pull the visor up so I can see. What a lovely fresh breeze :) I take it easy (like I always do, especially because of the wet road).

    Everything goes pretty well. Get to the M5 tunnel, and by the time I get to the other side, there's a bit of sun out and it's smooth sailing as far as visor visibility goes.

    Get to work, park in a street nearby (free parking! yay... no more $9/day :))

    Towards the afternoon, I ask customers I'm helping their opinion of the weather situation "Yeah, it's raining".

    Gear up again, get outside and there is a very light sprinkle of rain, but the bike is drenched. Get as much water off the seat as I can and head off for home.

    Get to the Eastern Distributor, and there's some kind of hold up... I wobble precariously with my poor slow speed manoeuvring skills as traffic stops and starts. I'm mindful of traffic trying to get into lanes that are going "faster" and do well to spot a ute which pulls out into my lane in front of a car ahead of me.

    Once I get out on to the M5... rain. Not heavy rain, but enough to start making noise as it impacts my helmet. Again, take it easy the whole way... road dries out a fair bit after the toll plaza.

    And, I arrive home, a little damp (from the rain ;)) and safe.

    A couple of things I got out of it:
    - Must look in to some kind of film/treatment for the visor
    - Wet weather gear
    - I didn't put my ear foams in properly before the trip home, and I feel it made the noise worse than if I hadn't had them in at all
    - Really work on my slow manoeuvring/dealing with stop/start traffic
    - Get more practice in the wet... feel more confident in leaning in to turns correctly when the road is wet
    - Figure out some way of keeping my hands warmer
    - Work on lane positioning... I tend to wander around a lot.

    Anyways... just my little story :)

    EDIT: Even in the inclement weather, there was that thought of "Yeah... this is still fun!" :p
  2. Well done dude! Thats a hell of a ride and you've done it in crap weather. Awesome.

    For wet weather gear I have an RST one piece rain suit - put it on over the leathers etc and stay dry. It's very good and because it's windproof you may be able to reduce one of the t-shirt layers.

    Bet you felt great on arrival! :grin:
  3. Nice work mate. Riding to work in Winter in wet weather is for hard men :cool: I actually don't mind the rain providing no water gets in.

    I got an automatic soft-on when i looked out the window and saw the rain. I spent yesterday cleaning both bikes, i knew this would happen. On the up side, the missus is driving me to work today so i can keep the bike clean :grin:
  4. Well done!
    Wet weather riding, albeit a little hazardous, can be a fun.
    Try fitting some oxford hot grips to keep your hands warm.
    Oh and a neck warmer ( they sell em here ), and either cat crap or Pro-Grip No-Fog lense will help with visor misting.
    A fog-off mask works great too!
    A rain suit, 1 or 2 piece is also a great investment.
  5. Good job, from my experience with wet weather riding over clothes seem to be the most reliable for actually keeping you dry.

    For your visor catcrap is good stuff or look into the fog off mask as mentioned above.
  6. applause to you for what is a long long ride!

    i have rjays wet weather gear, a 2 piece. the top sweats up a storm but is water proof. the pants i "borrowed" from a mate and they aren't pvc but seom light material which doesn't sweat.

    neck warmer a must. take the wet gear all the time
  7. Well done :) Thats quite an initiation lol Congrats :grin:

    Ditto what everyone said, get yourself wet weather gear so you are set up no matter what the conditions.

  8. Then you can impress da ladiez with your manlyness because you ride in the rain
  9. Save the $9/day (it will add up quick) and use it for essessoriez for ze bike.
  10. It takes a hell of a lot more than that geeth ;)
  11. congrats on the ride.....firstly you can use rainx on your visor helps the water bead and run off, generally i don't bother but by just turning your head to slightly to the side, the wind rushing past is normally enough to cause any sitting water to bead and then be blown off, also works well in fog when you get the tiny droplets...other option is just to wipe it with the (inside/outside) of the glove.....mine current glove has a very soft area on the inside index (i assume for wiping visors) some have them on the outside index (like a little wiper blade)...

    If you don't have the cash for heated grips, dish washing gloves over your normally gloves also works well from what i have been told (as it blocks out the wind and rain) by blokes that tour a lot ( though now most have heated grips)

    Anyway sounds like the first of many fun commutes
  12. no bad dude, in the wet and in sydney.love driving around there...not.
    i just put some rainx on my visor and the diff is huge,also just bought some winter gloves with the little wipers on the index finger on both gloves.
    a dririder jacket and rjays wet weather pants do it for me. i did use a neck warmer but i found it to thick (funnily enuf) and had a lot of trouble doing up the helmet strap, i now use a thinnish material balaclava that tucks into my jumper and its quite warm.
    just need to get some boots now.
  13. Pity, it goes along way :p
  14. Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions regarding gear everyone :)

    I'll definitely look into the grip warmers, "cat crap" and wet weather gear.

    I already got a Dri-rider neck sock. It seemed to work pretty well.

    I don't plan on riding in the wet much, but I guess... who does? Makes sense to have the gear ready.
  15. I ride to work each day whether its pissing down or the sun is shining... I just invested in a Fogg-Off mask, which has proven fantastic on these chilly melbourne mornings, and i also bought some thremal IXON waterproof pants.. oh and some water proof gloves (we'll see about that yet...)

    When i get to work, im dry and warm no dramas at all. Takes a couple of hours to dry out my IXON jacket, which is 90% waterproof and all is good for a wet trip home. Just take it easy on the white lines... they get a little slippery!
  16. I rode to work daily. I just took a backpack to work with my wets in the bottom.
    They are a little bulky but you get used to that. Or if you have a ventura rack you will be fine.
  17. Wet weather gear is the best investment you will ever have if you are commuting to work. I can fit both my waterproof pants and jacket under my pillion seat :D .
  18. I ride to work occasionally when I get sick of public transport.

    I have to wear a suit so I just use my slacks, shirt and tie and put my draggin cargos over along with my leather jacket. I have my suit jacket folded neatly along with a pair of dress shoes in my bag.

    At work just whip off the cargos, change from boots to shoes and I'm good to go.
  19. Good job mate!

    Traffic can be intimidating enough without the water adding to the woes! :LOL:
  20. if you wana go cheap, windex on the visor works wonders