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Rode the Black Spur - Healesville to Narbethong

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by ______JG, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Gents,

    Couple of mates and I went for a ride yesterday to the Healesville bakery for a pie from Berwick. Always a great ride through Cockatoo. Then thought we would push on through the back of Healesville for a few k's. The road was amazing, grippy, dry, and winding up and down the national park. As we past though the end of the section we noticed the Black Spur Inn. That was when we figured out we road the Black Spur. It had rung a bell but as we are new to riding we didn't know where the ride actually was.

    I highly recommend it on a nice clear day. Its the best ride I have ever done.


  2. It is a good run but with the tourist traffic fairly slow now days. The Police sit up on the hill overlooking the one legal overtaking spot with Radar so beware of that.

    Once you have a few more ks then try the Reefton Spur which is Marysville to Warburton so you can go up one and back down the other. The Reefton is narrower and depending on the weather may have leaf litter. Police also like to sit up there on a nice sunny day in their deck chairs.
  3. Thanks very much for the tip. Will be heading to the reefton spur next time out.

    Cheers bud
  4. What time did you go through ?
    We'd ridden Kangaroo Ground to Yarra Glen and Kinglake to Glenburn & down to Healeville. When we stopped at the Beechworth Bakery for lunch we were told a rider was down just into the spur and half of Melb's police were there with an ambulance.
  5. Just before lunch. Didn't see any of that carnage. Was extra quiet in Healesville in the morning. I thought most would have ridden on the Saturday with the better weather.

    Saw 1 cop all day which is a record for out that way. They are usually everywhere.
  6. yea we saw the aftermath, bloke was getting a cuddle from his mate just after dollar straight
  7. So bike written off, rider ok?
  8. don't know , didn't stop but he looked in a world of pain
  9. UG, I thought you guys were heading out towards Noojee on Sunday ?
  10. Haven't been there on the bike, I probably aren't ready yet, but was travelling through mid week for work in the car. Same thing as JG - saw the Black Spur Inn & only then realised where I was. Had it all to myself in a turbo 4WD. Magic.
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  11. I always know I'm on the Black Spur when I'm stuck in a congo line of muppet cagers crawling through the twisties at 43kmh.
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  12. Yes it's not to shabby a road. I too road it for the first time the other day and was impressed with the surface. When I got to the top i went back down then up then down, good it was! I Can see why it's policed heavily.