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Rode over a rock on the way home, how bad is it?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Josheos, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. Was coming home after a day at work today, rode over a huge motherfcuking rock, almost came off. I would've seen it but I was concentrating on next doors little kid making sure he doesn't ride across on his little bmx thing, anyway here it is... Never had it happen so before so not sure if I'm in for a new Rim or the like.. IMAG0034. IMAG0039.

  2. Maybe take it in to get the wheel balanced and potentially hammer it back in shape. Doesn't look too bad but never know what hidden damage it has done.
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    The nick looks ok but a dent in an alloy rim will be very difficult to get out and is not good when your flexing the rubber in the twisty stuff.
    Get it checked out for sure.
  4. Good job on not stacking mate. While the mechanic is looking at the wheel get him to take a look at those chicken strips too, they shouldn't be there ;-)
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  5. hope the rock is ok
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  6. Looks like minimal damage. My experience with alloy rims are they crack and break off more than bent. Get a balance and go from there.
  7. If it doesn't bite the tyre which it probably won't you'll be fine. My front rim is a mess(on the outside anyway) and I have no dramas.
  8. Chip is nothing but It does look very slightly bent in the photos. I've seen much worse soldier on for 1000's of kms but if it were mine it would make me a bit cautious.