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rode my old mans bike the other day......

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by En, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. as stated i rode my dads bike which is a Yamaha Virago 1100 and my usual is a Suzuki 250 - you can imagine the power change. weight wise i can handle but the sheer power and sound (can't believe its not been defected) its so loud and accelerating its a great feeling.

    any other people jumped from a mo-ped to a bike 4x the size recently and what wre your first observations? (besides the speed at which it can go)

  2. yeah 6-7 months ago jumped from my zzr250 to the zx12r.. :shock:
    Now i definately noticed that it was a tad quicker.. :D biu the biggest thing i notice is how much safer you feel and although they are heavier and faster, they are alot easier to ride..
  3. jesus christ man, your makin me jealous! pitty me people!! I have 18 rear wheel hp! /crys. :LOL:
  4. LOL I juped from a GSX250 onto a CBR1000F scared my self sily and bought another 250 than another 250... took me almost to the end of my restrictions to gether up courage to get a biger bike... so within 3 mounths of finninshing the restrictions I bought a GT550!! (same weight to power ratio as some 250s)
  5. So learn to use all 18 of them properly, and you'll be a better rider having more fun than lots of horsepower addicts.
    (not saying you're a bad rider, but rule one is appreciate your ride.)
  6. After a ride through the Dandenongs with a mate - he on his Ducati 750 Supersport, me on my '81 Yamaha SR185. THen we swapped once back in the burbs. A great unwieldy beast, which I was too scared to throttle because of his warning about the resultant wheelie and dirty jocks of our mutual Accross friend, and in lieu my secret recognition that his fairings cost as much as my bike!

    Perhaps just as interesting than stepping up, is the experience of stepping back onto your old bike afterwards. Damn BMX!
  7. Wise words.

    Again, I'm not that experienced, being on my third bike only (three year's riding) but smaller bikes have their own virtue: I'm mostly an inner-city rider, and the postie always made me feel like I was in a race, given how I had to push it in 60-70km traffic.
  8. Recently made the jump from a '91 FZR 250 to a '92 FZR 1000 (yeah i like my FZR's :D ).

    Aside from the obvious power increase which was very easy to deal with, i'd say the main issue i've had has been dealing with the weight of the bike. Once rolling it feels 10 times more stable and planted than the little 250, with comparatively no influence from the wind.

    That, and it's really put a spark back into my desire to ride. I was starting to tire of the 250 as it had really taught me as much as i felt it was going to; even dropping 2 teeth off the front sprocket didn't really satisfy me for longer than a couple of weeks.
  9. yeah I know, just havin a bit of a laugh.