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Rode my first 650 today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by thecptn, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. And I'm still grinning ear to ear! wow! I cant wait to get one! a friendly chap at Atkins in Liverpool let me take a naked gt650 for a spin, though restricted to 38 ponies...what can I say! torque and power in any gear! and I thought my mates cbr 250 was quick! this would chew it up and spit it out! first thing I noticed when I rolled the throttle was the immediate torque that pushed me right back, it had a nice can on the back so it had a lovely v twin growl, even slightly rolling back the throttle resulted cars instantly disappearing behind me, a luxury I'm yet to discover on my asthmatic yammy, what can I say, it felt like how a bike is meant to feel, it fitted me just right, and cant wait to get one, cant imagine how fast quick it would go with the restrictors out to a full 79 :shock: ..he even offered to let me take the unrestricted faired version for a fang, I refused, mainly that they would need to surgically remove me off the bike afterward! what an awesome bike! best LAMS bike I reckon, other than that, it actually felt easier to ride than a cbr, so it wasn't daunting.

  2. good on you thecptn, sounds like you had some v-twin fun. Beware it does get addictive!
  3. :LOL: Yep,,i had the same feeling,, :grin:
    Only trouble being, you always want more,,,,hahhaha :grin:
  4. good stuff Reaper, same bike me thinks, mine '02 620 gun metal grey, sports pipes, hmmmgrowwwl..i haven't told my wife that the seat cowl comes off so she hasen't worked out that its pillion friendly...roflma...1year....
  5. hahahha,,nice one :grin:
  6. i know its funny now...but she will fair dinkum kill me the day she finds out - i am literally on borrowed time!
  7. i know how you feel...only thing is i just rode a gixxer 1000 from a 125cc and i do not want any more power..hahahha that's enough for me.
  8. Thats funny :LOL:
  9. God I wish I had a dealership like that near me. The wankers at my local (no names) aren't even interested in talking to you if they can tell your not going to buy a bike there and then. They certainly won't let learners test bigger LAM's machinery without a serious commitment.

    Anyhow, that can't be right. For its weight, it should have more than 38 horsies. Perhaps it is 38kw?

    My bike weighs a fair bit less than a GT650 and is claimed at 48hp (actually 43 at the rear wheel though :cry: - Pretty much same as a CBR, 2x more torque). This equates to 35kw by the way.

    It'd be well under 150kw/tonne, if it was only 38hp.

    GT650 definetly won't have 79hp when derestricted either.

    Sounds like a great bike though. Don't buy new if your thinking of upgrading. 1998 model SV650's are starting to come down in price- about $6500 for a nice one, as low as high $5k's. That's where I'd be headed if you like this sort of thing.

    Probally would have bought an SV650 myself actually, if I'd had a mere $500 more, could have bought a ratty one. But I'd spent too long without a bike, so grabbed this one, absolutely loving it.
  10. The LAMS gt650 has 38 hp, remove the carb restrictors for a mere $100 and you got a 79hp bike, but 70 at the back wheel, think of it as two bikes in one.
  11. I looked it up on the Hyosung website, and you are correct.

    only 34 hp (24.6 kw)

    and it weighs 180kg (dry, probally 190+ wet)

    power to weight ratio is: 180kg+ 70kg- weight of rider

    250kg/1000= 4

    24.6kw X 4= 98.4

    98.4kw/tonne! :shock:

    That's a bit poor, considering they could have had 1.5 times that power and still been learner legal. I'd be deristricting that thing long before it was legal to. I imagine it will be impossible to find a still restricted "LAM's" GT650 in a few years on the used market.
  12. Believe me mate, steping of a sub 20hp yammy, on to...this, is like day and night mate, the carb restrictors stop at around 5k, so it still manages to want to throw you off so to speak :LOL:
  13. Yeah, there's no replacement for displacement.

    On friday night, I took a ride on a mates ZZR250. Now back when I had a CB250, this would have felt like hot stuff.

    But I was redlining it in the first 3 gears and... nothing.
    Felt so flat and lifeless. Really heavy too (250 heaps heavier than a 660 :LOL: ) I don't rev my bike nearly as hard, and it easily accelerates at twice the pace.

    Just a whiff of throttle on my current bike would easily demolish it.

    Must say though, my bike's physically smaller than a CBR250, and my aching back appreciated the sports tourer style of the ZZR. It was dead stable on the road, unlike the ultra-quick turning responsiveness of the SZR660- good or bad, depending on how you need to use your bike.
    The lack of single cylinder vibes were a welcome respite too.

    Sensible but boring basically.

    A couple of my mates were talking about going to a track day. My friend said he was going to take the ZZR250. Not having ridden it I thought "Race-rep 250, my bikes not the fastest either, so should go alright". Having ridden the ZZR, I think mabye it's not such a great idea...
  14. I agree with you thecptn, there is nothing like the sound of a twin :grin:
  15. Rode my first 250 yesterday (apart from the L's course one), and I too am still grinning. Why? 'cause I ride a 650.....:) Best thing I did was to jump straight to the 650 instead of mucking around with a 250, thanks to some advice I got from this forum. I would of been chomping at the bit to upgrade otherwise.....

    Cheers All.....