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Rode In To Work First Time Today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by haksu, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. As per title, I rode into work today for the first time after picking up my bike on monday :)
    it was alot quicker as I was able to shoot down the sides of traffic (along the gutter) but I wasn't able to sum up the strength to go between cars

    I've read plenty of threads here about the nature of doing it, but I am wondering how you guys started getting into filtering?
    I know I've gotta bite the bullet, I'm just a little weary of trying it yet.

    Am I overthinking it?

  2. Start when you've got a wider than usual gap to work with.

    1st gear and ride the clutch a bit and walk your feet along the ground for stability so you don't clip a mirror and when confident enough, feet on the pegs and you can go a little quicker and through narrower gaps.

    So what did the guys at work think when you turned up as a rider?
    Welcome to the club.

  3. I take it you are on your L's?

    Don't be so eager to filter/lane split. Learn your bike well first, where it can and can't fit, what it's capable of etc.

    You don't even need to "bite the bullet" When i was on my L's i filtered quite a bit. Now i barely do it at all. Go figure, i take less risks the more time i spend on the bike.

    Personal choice ultimately, but don't feel pressured to lane split, think of all the cagers who won't be waving their fists at you whilst you sit in traffic with them :LOL:
  4. Thanks for the advice, I'll see how I go in a few weeks. Need to work on my confidence and slow riding first I think.
    The people at work knew I was getting a bike for a long time :) No surprises there sadly!

    Yeah, got my bike 4 days ago :)
    It's nice to hear a different perspective.
    I've just somehow become familiar with the thinking that motorcycles are sort of expected to do it.
  5. Practice your low speed control. And get out there and ride ride ride
  6. yeah im with ya melbas.

    i found a similar thing - split all the time on L's and now i only do it if theres a car thats pissing me off or the traffic is particularly bad.
  7. I dont filter much, I go down large gaps at red traffic lights, but not when traffic is moving at all.

    Ive been commuting for 2 months, I'm pretty confident on the bike, and got my full last night, but Im not in any hurry to set a record time to work splitting lanes everywhere. Take your time and learn at your own pace, and remember the golden rule - If you put the bike in a position where cars can't go (Ie between cars) the driver won't see you! Best advice I ever got bout commuting!
  8. I don't normally split either, just when its damn hot and I can't stand steaming to death in stop-go traffic...

    I've occasionally split to get away from a numpty driver but normally i just give them a wide berth.

    oh, and gotta love the busy shopping centre split :wink:
    Split the entry queue, split past the "i'm stopping while this person fills their boot so I can have their spot" idiots and then park right next to the door. Works just as well getting out again after. Saves hours. Seriously.
  9. crap.

    i fell into that trap.

    i meant to say 'filter' not split.

  10. it's good, innit. 1.5 hour commute now takes 20 minutes for me, in peak hour.
  11. I too made my first two trips in (very) heavy traffic (moving at a moderate/fast pace) - to and from a mates house for a party - had my license for a week.


    I must say I was a bit worried on the return journey with several semi trailers moving around in the traffic, going around a few long sweeping corners with a big truck right next to me :shock:.

    In fact I feel I wasn't prepared and am just lucky nothing went wrong, there was just so much going on around me I don't know if I could have reacted to any one single car doing something wrong.

    I was definitely buffering and was well aware of the two lanes either side of me, but had no idea what was happening directly behind me, my mirrors are too small - getting new ones.

    I picked the middle lane most of the way (three lanes) so that I could always choose an escape 'gap' on my left or right if the car next to me decided to merge.

    I don't think my unpreparedness was as a result of not knowing what to do or where to ride in my lane or in relation to other cars, instead it was literally an information overload, I had too much happening around me at once :?.

    I'm probably being a bit hard on myself, but I can honestly say I didn't feel safe at all :cry:. But I've been told that is a good thing :shock:
  12. its good going into work on the bike

    i work not that far from work, only takes about 9 mins to get to work in the mornings, splitting a bit but not to much

    i feel most of the time cars really really dont like you doing it
    they give you the look of death.

    i had a guy the other night try to stare me out, he was sitting on the centre line at train trax and he would not even move up for me(there was almost a full car length in front of him) so i moved his mirror in for him,
    also he didnt like that.
  13. gold.


    it makes it so easy when people stop miles before the line. some old bat in a mx5 stopped a semi-trailer length before the lights this morning. not even close to the traffic light sensors. i jumped infront of her and rolled up to the line, and then a bloke in a mazda3 'filtered' in behind me. i had a good laugh and shake of my head in amazement.
  14. I think most people do too. :)
  15. I've been commuting for about a month now...

    I filter stopped red light traffic but as soon as that light turns green I stop where I am and get back into a proper lane. Filtering + moving traffic = big no no for me personally.

    always make sure you have enough room and go SLOW.

    I've already managed to clip 2 mirrors when I went for a gap that was too small but it was less than walking pace so no damage caused to anyone. I still felt bad for doing it...

    Also about a week ago I had 2 people pull out on me as I was filtering... as in try to block me from doing so in standstill traffic at lights. One was a dumb young chick in a red sports car and the other a housewife in a big 4WD at a roundabout. Made me want to implant my carbon fibre knuckles in their faces but i kept my cool and continued on my way.

    Filtering is DANGEROUS keep an eye out at all times cause some people will literally try to at least knock you off your bike if not kill you.

    I still shake my head at those 2. I can't comprehend what they were thinking except for "omg that motorbiking hoon is gonna push into my place in line that can't be"
  16. ah good pick up lol sorry at work now having brain fade
  17. for filtering start small, I started with a huge gap and just 1 set of cars in front of me at the lights, the next time it was 2 or 3, then half a dozen.. and so on, until the other day I did nearly a kilometer of banked up traffic on nepean highway. :)

    Make sure your slow riding skills are really really really good, and pick your opportunities. Try not to get stuck, but if you do remember to keep your feet close to your bike or they might get run over when the traffic moves.
    (happened to a mate)

    Oh and one other tip, if you get suck but your "that" close, try pulling in your mirrors if you can it gave me another inch or 2 clearance, its gotten me out of 1 tight spot I didn't want to be in.

    Oh and don't forget to move over when you get to the front.

    edit: just re read, and noticed your reply.. you've only been riding on the road for about a week.. +1 for you waiting a few weeks, take it easy for a while, it takes time to get to know your bike intimately.
  18. I'd be very weary of filtering along the gutter side of traffic. That'd be the last place drivers would be looking for other vehicles. If the gap's wide enough between cars to filter to the front, proceed but at a pace that you'll be able to stop quickly if necessary.
  19. good advice jorge :)

    i've been practicing this weekend filtering between lots of 2 or 3 cars, not a huge commitment so its not terribly frightening
    i suppose the trick is only to do it when you know how long its been since the green, otherwise you can get caught out
  20. What's with the need to filter? At the next red light, the cars will be right behind you anyway (or if you didn't filter, you will be right behind them). The only time it will make a difference is if leaving a long line of them for dust will get you to just scrape through the next amber light while they are stuck in the red. So probably very little time saving. Unless it's a fuel economy or ego thing?