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Rode again

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sbb, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. Woohoo.

    Rode the bike for first time in 11wks.

    Less than 5km. With one leg dangling.

    But. :D
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  2. Bet if feels good.
    Re. the leg dangling just pretend you're Rossi coming into a corner.
  3. .....or Marquez, using it to block people from passing him :evil:

    good news, mate, weather is going to be 'RIDING' for the rest of spring/summer...
  4. Congrats & i bet u cant wait to do it again :D ride that is
  5. soldier on ~ you get used to it - i rode with a cast on my leg - impatience is a biatch.
  6. Was going to say use 2 legs (rehab paltient)
  7. good to see back on the bike.....hope to see you on the putty runs soon
  8. Thanks folks.

    Real riding still long way off. Managed to drive a car for first time yesterday. Wanted to be on the bike the whole time :)

    Still, will be back on the putty as soon as physically possible :)
  9. Good on ya for giving it a try. Keep soldiering on!!!
  10. Showing some true rider guts and determination there mate.
    Good for you, and well done. ( not meaning you should ride more )

    Just saying that you got back on, and had a go. :)
  11. cool bananas.

    news is knee is all solid. but still not bendy :(

    also when i did my other leg a couple of yrs ago (not to surgery level but more dramatic incident, involving my bike, car and knee), managed to get back on the bike after 1 day, much to the displeasure of my physio. was left leg, so managed to come up with a heel shifting technique until i got my leg working again :)