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Rode a bike for the first time today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Milpool, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. I have done Day 1 of my Q-Ride today and will be doing Day 2 on Saturday.

    It was so much fun! I loved every second of it. Manoeuvring the bike around was a lot easier than I thought although I certainly wasn't perfect. The biggest trouble for me was throttle and clutch control, I stalled quite a bit because I couldn't quite get where the grab point is on the clutch. I probably came in too confident after driving a manual car for so long.

    Really looking forward to Day 2 though and I can already see why you guys like riding so much.
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  2. Its an addictive past time.
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  3. not wrong.
    got home from work yesterday and was trying to decide between 1. go to the gym 2. clean the house...
    I decided on #3 Go for a ride...2hours later got home and thought to myself, I really need to clean the house up!:D
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  4. The first day of my rider training I was terrified lol! In my defence it was the first time I'd ever got to control a motorcycle on my own.

    "Wait, you want me to let out the clutch now?!"

    By the time it was finished, I was exhausted, and a little shaky. The second day felt a bit better, although I didn't quite believe I'd managed to pass it!

    Glad you're having a good time straight out of the gate though!
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  5. I agree
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  6. I wish I had a helmet cam on my first day...
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  7. Spent most of the first day of my QRide stalling, to the point where they even noted it down on their report. Somehow, on Day 2 (the very next day) I was magically cured.

    P.S. The bite point it the bit just before you stall :)
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  8. I wish I had a helmet cam the first day i rode my bike home lol
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  9. I was terrible, I'd rev it really high to make sure I DEFINITELY didn't stall. That poor little Honda!
  10. At least your poor little Honda didn't have to go to the mechanic for repairs and spare parts :]
  11. Pffft it was the riding school's bike! I'm sure the poor thing had all sort of things done to it by newbies.
    My first time riding my own bike was very closely scrutinised by my significant other, and I still managed to scratch it!

    I shudder to think if I was left to my own devices like the rest of you (probably squashed on the nearest main road)
  12. I hope after your ride you cleaned your bike first before the house! priorities need to be kept.
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  13. So I did my second day of Q-Ride which included the assessment. I Passed!!! So damn happy right now. Now to save a bit more money and actually buy my gear and a bike.
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  14. Congratulations mate
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  15. [​IMG]

    Congratulations of passing your test. I remember doing my first training session I had a lot of trouble with stalling as well. I couldn't help but treat the clutch like I would in a car. Then when slowing down I'd pull the clutch instead of the rear brake due to years on a bicycle.

    I found getting a bike that had more torque than a lawnmower helped a lot with the stalling problem :p
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  16. Hahah, I got the clutch and rear brake mixed up a couple of times too. The bikes we used were a Honda CB125e so pretty much anything I get from here has to be more torquey :p
  17. Congratulations MilpoolMilpool , cant wait to do my Qride
  18. congrats MilpoolMilpool et al. I found, over some years mind you, that the instructors were ultimately to blame in 99% of cases where students failed. Clutch control is a one on one, fairly simple task that can be solved with patience, a decent communicator & the right bike/ attitude. Problem being many instructors give a group of 6 or more learners maybe 5 mins on clutch technique. The constant tweaking of the syllabus by so called experts doesn't help :) Not sure what it says in the manual these days but the activity ain't long fer sure - fer sure. In some places on the planet the system provides a full week of training so your set up for most circumstances ... skid pans/ advanced rider technique, gyroscopic theory included. Your m/c licence is a one off fee as well .... for life. Go figure.
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  19. My first bike was the day I lost my virginity. I was 27.