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Rocky: Half day Loop via Mt Morgan, Dululu, Westwood

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by JuzzyDee, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Howdy Folks,

    Planning on running a loop. Is about 150 clicks, 2 hours or so worth, by the time I factor in some breaks and stopping in some of the places I reckon it'll take me maybe 3 hours or so?

    Any of the CQ locals interested in going for a ride? Here's my plan:

    Google Maps Link

    I went for a quick spin through the Mt Morgan range last night. My only complaint is it's much too short, but it is 3km of motorcycling heaven. Big sweeping hairpins one after the other, lovely little sets dispersed between them. Oh, and the other BIG sad is a posted 40km/h limit. WTF!?

    Does anyone know if the po-po get up there on the weekends? I can't imagine there's a lot of places for them to be, there's not a lot of shoulder in most sections through there.

  2. Ok. An update. We headed out today, with threatening skies looming above us. we headed down through the Mount Morgan range, where apparently I became a sports bike rider in denial. I don't deny that, as there weren't too many corners through the range that my pegs didn't make landfall on. I will re-evaluate my bike wishlist once I'm off restrictions, but number 1 on the priorities right now is a decent amount of ground clearance, it's going to get expensive otherwise.

    As we traipsed through Mount Morgan, the roads began to pleasantly twist again, good fun, until of course the needle like pricks of falling water started to penetrate our clothes. Heading further on, and upon seeing signs of even more ominous weather ahead of us, we decided to turn back. U-turn ahoy, and we seemed to out run the majority of the weather.

    We passed back through mount morgan, then just before the beautiful joy that is the range, we veered onto the razorback road. Not nearly as exciting as the name suggests, but recently resurfaced and far from boring, it was an enjoyable ride none the less.

    Maybe when weather permits we shall make it a bit further, but I think the very short Gracemere to Mount Morgan to Gracemere via the razorback is one of the more enjoyable rides in the Rocky region.