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RocKwiz - 22/10 (This Saturday Night)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doonx, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. SBS 9:30pm

    Want a bit of a giggle, watch it this week ;)

  2. RockWiz is always a giggle - are you on it this week or something?
  3. hey hey !!! ;)
  4. Sweet. Is Julia as hot in real life?
  5. my lordy yes!
  6. Getting nervous now :D
  7. Why? Did you appear in your underpants?
    Don't worry about it mate - tomorrow only your close mates and family will remember it, and you can be happy knowing you've had your 15 minutes...
  8. Nah, just a bit of excitement. Not something you get to do everyday
  9. I'm in, I love watching it anyway. Hopefully there will be some Kizz questions.
  10. We watch the show regularly and have booked tickets to go and see it (The Espy is a fantastic venue for proper live music).

    So, who should we be keeping an eye on? I assume that "Doonx" won't be a name that's used on the show...
  11. The real spelling is Doonks, but I changed here to match the plate on my bike: DOONX
  12. I sensed some electricity....
  13. Nice. You even knew a thing or two.

    And sitting beside our very own Patience !

    Brisbane breeds some great musical talent.

    well on that note - time to go listen to 16 Lovers Lane again.,
  14. They edited a shitload out of it. Many many question not shown. Had fun did what I could. Checked out my Patience ;)

  15. I wondered how much they edited. Howlong did the show (the part where you were on stage answering q's) go for?

    PS My favourite ever episode the one with Chrissy Amphlett pretending to blow the bloke next to her ! :rofl:
  16. when's the repeat on? and which one are you?
  17. Kernel, I dunno, but you can usually watch it on the website. Which one am I? I'm "Doonks" :D
  18. I watched, you were good, watch it when I can..
    live music on there is good, talented bunch that trio...
  19. You blokes that like Rockwiz, especially those of you living in and around Melbourne, might enjoy Steven Walker's show, the Skullcave, on 3RRR FM, which is 4pm - 7pm on Friday nights. Both Julia Zemiro and Brian Nankervis are both ex-RRR peps (Apparently Brian used to host his own show in the mid-80s).

    Steven Walker used to be the program manager at the station, and, aside from playing stuff that's simultaneously interesting, eclectic and good, he's one of the people that dreams up questions to be asked on Rockwiz. He does his own quiz on his radio show, usually only 5 or 6 questions. I never know any of the answers, but he's always got an interesting anecdote associated with each, so it's interesting nonetheless.

    I just thought I'd mention it, 'cos it sounds like some of you might enjoy it too.

    (All the shows also stream live over the internet, if you're radio lies somewhere out of reception.)