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Rockstar MX National Rnd 3 Broadford 2nd May

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by pvda, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. The 3rd round of the Rockstar MX National series is on this Sunday at Broadford for those interested further info can be found at this link;


    This round was originally pencilled in to be held at Barrabool (near Geelong) but had to be moved to the Broadford complex due to Council Permit issues.
  2. hmmmm. I am not after 5 m/c events in a row. Family stuff this weekend!
    Should be a very good meeting though.
    Have some free entry passes.
    Can drop them off at Errol's in North Melbourne tomorrow, in someones name if anyone would like them.
  3. Ah shit, I missed the boat there!

    Could have done with saving $30.00. Ah well, always next time.
  4. Thanks to Garfield for the tickets - were very much appreciated.

    Really sad day - former world no. 2 was killed during practice.
  5. terrible news
    no one wants to loose a rider this way.
    condolences to family, friends and officials.
  6. bad week for motorsport, terrible accident at the V8's also

    condolences to the family, very sad indeed