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Rocks you can ride to

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. who has seen these particular rocks?

    i had a lovely ride today and came across them, in fact i had completely forgotten they were there.
    the old girl got out of the shop last week in preparation for the run to mexico, all tuned and running beautiful.
    i felt, because i couldnt get away for the weekend, i might just use up one of my annual leave days to go for a 300km spin.

    and no teasing my old girl, she's beautiful to me ;)

    what does it look like & where is it?

    what does it look like & where is it?

    first correct answers get an empty beer bottle!!!

    pictures taken with cameraphone

  2. I know, I know, I know. (well the first one any way) But Ive got enough empty beer bottels so i'll let some one else answer
  3. What does it look like?....
    .......well it looks like[Edit:this post is inappropriate and has been edited. Mod]

    And no-one should take the piss out of old school.
    When are you gunna come visit the Gringos?
    Can i have a beer now?

  4. the gringos are what the spanish called the north americans when they tried to capture south america.
    gringo = "grey man" in spanish

    so that makes me the gringo :LOL:

    i'll get there, i got half way today!
    just gotta wait for my F-I-L to be a little more stable.


    the first one is Camel Rock, and the second is Australia Rock.

    your mission is to find where they are located ;)

    oh, and here, 'ave a carlton
  5. Camel Rock Beach is situated at the northern end of Haywards Beach, which runs south to Bermagui. Much of the beach is cobbled and gravelled and the point is known for its camel-shaped rock. This surf beach is popular with surfriders and is one of the few beaches protected from marine stingers during north-east winds. Access is via the Camel Rock carpark.
  6. good shot

    australia rock may not google.... :LOL:
  7. Uh shite! An educated man.
    Yep, i see the camel. And i see Australia,
    beer is a magic potion.

    Hope all works out fine with the F-I-L.

    Come and ride,
  8. Somewhere around Potato Point? Just a guess...
    And your bike looks mighty fine, the dark mistress.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. The second pic is in Narooma :wink: ...and such a pretty place to stay too
  10. indeed it is :grin:
  11. And your bike does look fine. Not like a teapot at all, as some cruel pundits might say.
    (What would I know, I ride a YZF750... so much engineering effort pissed away by the styling department....).
  12. No skool like the old skool. Just make sure you pass the 20 year old supersport riders on the twisties, then get 350 K's to the tank on the straights.

    Shits em right off.

    Especially when they find out the bike is as old as them :p (well, yours isn't yet, but mine is ;) )