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Rocks hidden in McDonald's bags on Eastern Freeway

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by evader, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Generally I avoid anything like that on general principle, but that doesn't mean that it's any less dangerous. What a ****ing stupid thing to do.
  2. No kidding, hope they catch the little s**ts. Although I doubt any rider would run straight over a maccas bag, one full of just maccas could cause a crash on a bike.
  3. Reminds me of when I was taking a cornering going onto Captain Cook bridge and I watched as a water bottle rolled right in the direction I was taking, luckily I was paying attention to it lol.
  4. Same freeway where there have been incidents of kids dropping rocks and bricks on passing cars, including at least fatality.

    Stupid? Psychotic? Drugs?
  5. couldn't imagine what it was like if a bike hit it
  6. Tank slap for a start,
    cruiser will just go over it, very bad jolt,
    Sports bike with clip ons, good chance you will drop it, front wheel will drop out from under you. Mainly because you dont have the leverage to hold it in a straight line,

    Brain dead Morons, The Plod would be better of chasing these clods instead of writing tickets for 2 Kays over the limit,
    They do kill people, wether in cars or on bikes,
  7. I condemn the action of those who placed the trap, but it really does emphasise the point that you should avoid running over any debris if you can possibly avoid it, however harmless it may look.

    The dangers of bags and boxes that could contain anything are obvious (I would hope), but it's worth bearing in mind that that sheet of cardboard could have staples in big enough to hole a tyre, and that almost flat roadkill may have a thigh-bone broken to a needle sharp point and pointing in just the right direction to also do a tyre. A few years ago, I went over something that I thought was a piece of plastic. Instead, it was a chunk of aluminium extrusion with pointy ends. It flicked up and hit me end on in the left calf, just below the top of my boot. It didn't go in, thanks to three layers of thick leather at that point, but it still hurt enough to make me pull over and sit swearing for some time before I could ride again. Quite apart from the potential for injury, it could just as easily have gone through the radiator or torn my front tyre open.

    Shit on the road is best avoided, no matter what it appears to be.
  8. they had a diameter of 35cm, you're going to flip it or fling it to the side.

    About a month ago I had some douche throw something at me from an overhead bridge on the M4. In hindsight it was probably only a partly filled water bottle but that didn't stop me from shitting myself and almost chuck it down a straight trying to avoid copping whatever it was in the face.

    Stupidest thing anyone could do, and +1 to avoiding everything.
  9. I wouldn't think taking a hit from a partly filled or even empty water bottle at 110kmh would be a particular pleasent experience. That sucks I go down the M4 every day.
  10. i live just near one of the bridges over the m4 and i go for a walk with the dog. Igf i see someone do it i'm going to take their pic and footage and pass it on to the cops but will also put my foot up their arse!
  11. Only one way to stop this happening - Ban McDonalds
  12. this is why it's always a good idea to ride in the car 'tracks' instead of the middle of the lane especially when in traffic and you can't see what's in front of the car ahead of you.
  13. Dipsh*ts. Hopefully CCTV or someone saw the people responsible and the book is thrown at them.
  14. A book filled with Rocks!
  15. Hitting a football has bad enough (kept it upright - just) Hitting a bloody rock though :eek: instant trip over the bars I recon.

    Hope they skin the buggers who did it...
  16. Typical knee-jerk reaction!! Completely misses the point. So you ban McDonald's, what stops them from using Red Rooster bags? The solution is to BAN ROCKS!
  17. I don't know what sort of person would aim for large McDonalds bags whilst riding a bike.

    There was probably a lack of concentration involved with the cars as well, running over a bag that could fit a 35cm rock inside.
  18. Simple answer, tail-gating.
  19. I'm not sure what time it happened but in heavy traffic, you could get stuck in a lane.