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Rockjob bought a ZX-6R

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Rockjob, May 7, 2008.

  1. Being a uni student, and a tight a$$ by nature my current bike (GPX250) I got from the wreckers and fixed up.

    At the wreckers I spotted this little beauty. Exact bike i want, right colour, bugger all damage. Too good an opportunity to pass up!

    For $2500 I think I did well. I just need to replace the front fairing and fairing bracket and its good to go. Pirelli daemon tires, discs are fine, pads are fine. Even all the indicators are still intact!

    I'm on my P's, get off them next Jan so this may have been a dumb decision.

  2. Mate thats an awesome deal you got there so definitely worth it if you ask me. If you need someone to ride it around every now and again give me a call :LOL:
  3. Did well?

    Did well?

    You bloody got 110% with Honours, complimentary Ferrari and blowjob.

    That is outstanding for a 2002 6R... you're sure it's such minimal work to the front-end? Seems ridiculous, don't know why someone wouldn't have already fixed it up and sold it for double that unless it's got a million kay's on the dial :eek:
  4. very noice purchase

    welcome to team Green

  5. Coz GPX250's don't count? :grin:
  6. About 77,000kms so its not at the end of its life, but its not young.

    I did show you it's best side.

    Here's most of the damage.

    There are cracks on the fairing's right hand side, but there are pieces missing so I will need to get a whole new front fairing.

    The fairing bracket is pretty bent on the left side. Won't how bad until I remove the fairing.

    Also, the right rear pillion peg bracket that connects to the exhaust is broken. (currently zip tied together).

    Most of the scratches you wouldn't notice until you are standing beside it.

    To do:
    Replace the rear peg bracket
    New front fairing
    Bend or replace front fairing bracket
  7. A mate of mine is parting a ZX7R and the pillion-peg and exhaust bracket is fine. Everything on it's arse looks the same as my 2002 636 [ie: your bike] If you want to, PM me some contact details, I can put you in touch with him.

    I'm pretty sure his bike's front-end is shagged, but I'm finding out for sure...
  8. Thats such a good deal and a great looking bike. I'm in the same boat as you - poor uni student. My ride is an 02 zx9 now with 82 000 k's. Wish I paid what you did! . Seems like the zx kawis with high k's are perfect for us speed loving stingy students. The high Km's shouldn't be a problem I reacon, but even if the engine is shagged you'd still come out on top at that price. And you got the best colour.

    I'm pretty sure the parts are interchangable some of the models around that time, hope you get lucky with parts. In the mean time couldn't you get a NSW version of road worthy cert (blue slip?) with the fairing scratched? and then save up to fix the fairing.
  9. The left side of the fairing is a little too close to the handlebar. Could be easily bent back out though. It's probably more likely to get bounced for the exhaust pipe being held to the pillion bracket by zip ties.
  10. Are those pillion brackets the ones attached by two allen key head bolts? They would be dead simple to replace if they are, and you could get them cheap as of a wrecked bike I'd hope.

    Are you going to repair the fairing eventually or look for a new one?
  11. aV1IlE_9.
    Here's a closeup of the damaged rear pillion peg. I'm just gonna get a replacement from a wreckers.

    I cant really repair the front fairing. Its been a bit warped and got cracks all over. There is a piece or two missing as well. I think a undamaged one is in order.
  12. Yea looks like you need a new pillion peg bracket thing. If your not keeping the faring, then maybe even cut it back away from the bars? Who wants unscratched fairings anyway, they just make you worry about dropping it :grin:
  13. Bugger the fairings off altogether and turn in into a manbike.
  14. I'm afraid I'd have to agree with you there. That was one amazingly stupid decision you made. WTF were you thinking? Some needs to smack some sense into you. :roll:

    Tell you what. Just give the bike to me. I'll take it off your hands, you'll be rid of the evidence and no-one has to know what you did. :grin:
  15. Before you go to any wreckers, check out www.bikebandit.com (which is in the USA) for prices on new OEM parts. You'll likely find that wreckers here in Oz will be charging you more for a second-hand part that you can otherwise just buy for new from the USA.
  16. Anyone know off the tops of their heads how many dollars/points getting caught riding this thing to the mechanic for a blue slip check would cost?

    I did a search but I only found victorian fines. $110 no points.
  17. That headlight could be really really expensive to replace.
  18. Ring up and book the blue slip before you leave. You are legally allowed to ride STRAIGHT to a mech to get a blue slip and then STRAIGHT to the rta for rego purposes - but you must have a booking / talked to them telling them you're coming incase you get pulled over so that you can prove that you were actually going to get blue slip / rego otherwise cop can do you. Insurance is covered for you under a special clause.

    This is in NSW. Check the rta site or ring the rta if you'd like to confirm this.

    Alternatively you can get a temp unrego permit for a week, costs about $30 and lets you ride around for a week without rego.
  19. Thats handy. What about the fact that im on my P's and this isnt a restricted bike? Depending, i might be able to get away with it because im getting it registered, but I think I'd still be breaking the law.

    Whats the fine/points in NSW for riding a bike that isnt on the approved list?
  20. Which wreckers in Syd did you score this ride from?