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'Rocker' patch shirt designs

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by MelbourneMick, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. I can't find the thread now but I recall a conversation on here about the use of the 'rocker' patch design on t-shirts that might get persons attached to certain bike riding groups a bit miffed.
    Of course there is the Sons of Anarchy shirt. Plus bands like Rosé Tattoo and Guns & Roses have used the design but I have come across a new one.
    A mate sent me this photo taken at a gig last night.
    Cro Mags are a hardcore punk name that stated in 1981 and are still playing in various incarnations.
    *note it says NYC (New York City)where the MC is placed.


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  3. Here is the Rose Tattoo shirt
  4. Guns & Roses
    Slash shirts


  5. And the Deus shirts from Bali
  6. And the internerd rider shirt
  7. I might make a Serb-Mags shirt :D
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  8. a valid message

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  9. Hahaha that's priceless !! I have known of this band for donkeys but have need thought of it that way
  10. So Harley Davidson make motorcycles yeah ?
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    You'll find T shirts, jumpers etc would be fine (although some people will just laugh at you depending on what's on it).

    Where people, notably the Ulysses, get into trouble is wearing a riding vest or jacket with a top and bottom rocker.

    Edit: When the club I'm with (non 1%) first started the Sgt At Arms and Secretary of the local Rebels chapter visited our Secretary to ensure that we wouldn't be wearing 'colours'. Club T shirts, jumpers etc were fine, just no colours on our riding vests.
  12. Speaking of getting laughed at $45 in eBay will see you right.
  13. I look like a Power Ranger when I ride so I can get laughed out without encouraging it haha
  14. I don't laugh at the power rangers. Well that's not true, when I see one on a 250 learner bike or scooter, I piss myself laughing. The ones I really laugh at are the ones who wear the full power ranger race replica gear but their girlfriend pillion is wearing a mini skirt, singlet and high heels.
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  16. Isn't it funny how 'outlaw bikers' immediately formed groups and started enforcing their own laws ... even adopting a collective term for themselves (1%ers)?

  17. I see plenty of that fit into the last description.
  18. Funnily enough I saw one on a ride last year and yes it was on a HOGie hahaha
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  20. Especially when coupled with a Sons of Anarchy t-shirt