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rock climbing

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by roundabout, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. anyone here climb?

    where do you go?
    what sort of climbing do you do?
    what gear do you recommend (top rope rack and begginer/intermediate)
    any gear you've found really good/bad?

    looking for info/suggestions to get a rack together
  2. A rope is a good start! lol

    Seriously though I've been climbing for around 18 years now. that doesn't make me very good, however.

    Been pretty slack the last few years. Did some indoor a few months ago and almost busted my poofer valve!

    What state are you in?
  3. vic, haven't really been on rock since i was a teenager, just climb/boulder once or twice a week at cliffhanger. but i am getting sick of that and want to get out there. i think indoor is spoiling me as well (i.e. can't pick a route now without coloured holds)

    i'd love to try ice climbing, but that will have to wait until next year when i'm actually living somewhere that it snows
  4. A state of severe shock that you have a "poofer" valve.
    I've heard of the "foofer" valve before, but yours is much more sinister.
  5. I can't help must with the victorian scene, but it seems like a pretty freindly community. How should be able to post for a climbing partner on a climbing gym notice board.

    You can do a fair bit top rope. for that you need a rope (10- 11mm static), some slings, to tie around trees and rock, a few bolt plates, some screw-gate crabs and some sort of belay device. If you select carefully you can get one that doubles as an abseil device.

    That is a good gear starting point. You can build a lead rack from there depending on how keen you are. After that it depends on how much of a gear junky you are.

    You can lead a reasonable amount with a set of nuts, 10 or so quick draws, and a hanfully of bolt plates. Cams are handy , but dear.
  6. I used to climb a little while ago. Mostly Kangaroo Point, a little at the Glasshouse Mountains, a bit at Gympie, and a little at the Blue Mountains in NSW. Sport and top rope mostly, I've done trad before but didn't like it, have little faith in my placements...
  7. I climb occasionally with a mate who takes high school students on climbing trips. We mainly climb at Onkaparinga Gorge south of Adelaide. Planning a trip to Arapalies (spelling?) soon. Should be good.
  8. My sister climbs regularly. Have you had a look at www.chockstone.org ? She and her b/f often climb out Grampians way. She's only been climbing 18 months or so, but the gymnastics and karate she did as a kid seem to still be holding her in good stead.

    :D :D :D
  9. What kind of Climbing are you wanting to get into?
    Best I can recommend is head into you local Climbing gym. most places will have a board where people usually post looking for partners or selling second hand gear.

    If you have an area you have in mind you want to climb in you can get quite a range of guide books from your better outdoor stores. That or get yourself a copy of Rock magazine. That can also be a general source of information.

    Be cautious using a static rope. Climbing technology has evolved in leaps and bounds over the past 10 years. Most climbers now days will use from a 10.5 - 11mm dynamic rope when using a single rope. lengths now vary aswell depending on the lengths of your pitches. Static ropes are a low stretch rope and don't absorb too much when you happen to take a fall. Dynamics are designed to absorb some of the energy when taking a fall. However static ropes can be used in top rope climbing but not prefered.

    Also when putting a rack together depends on the type of climbing you are really into. Try and avoid buying second hand quickdraw slings, ropes and harnesses. Cams, Hex's Chocs, nuts are usually ok, but make sure they are not too damaged, especially the cables on the cams. You never know what they've been through before you got your hands on them.
    Climbing is a great sport to get into, and like all fun stuff it's expensive!!

    I'm a vertical rescue instructor and ex climbing and abseiling guide. PM me if you want extra information.

  10. I had a freind who strained his diaphram once when we were climbing. He couldn't breath properly for months. So it's a bit of a running joke about the poofer valve.
  11. thanks everyone, will find some gear to protect my poofer valve (once i locate it)

    pm sent to you tina
  12. First of all, WTF is a poofer valve?!?!

    I climb a fair bit, and i used to be an instructor for Outward Bound. Fisrt of all you need to decide whether you want to top rope or lead climb. If you want to top rope you will need about 20-30m or static rope (about $4 a metre) and about 50m of dynamic (might as well get a reasonable length if you have the cash. Wold reccomend 60m.

    Minimum gear: You will also need some screw gate caribiners (2 min, get steel ones, not alloy) to set up anchoring system. You will need a harness. And you will need a belay device, reccomend prob a stictch plate because they arent bad and they are only like $15. Oh and some sort of rope protection.

    Feel free to PM me mate, can give you the details.

    Oh, and grampians and arapiles have some of the best climbing in oz!
  13. Sorry Tina, i just read your post. I am humbled by your presence.

  14. thanks owen pm sent. was actually up at araps and grampians over the weekend, didn't have ropes though so very frustrating.
  15. Natimuk, that takes me back to the school days. We used to climbing up at Mt Arapalie(sp?) all the time. So long ago. :(

    And i'm sure there are heaps of places around the grampians. About 3.5 hours drive from Melbourne. Arapalies are probably around 5 hours away.