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Robsalvv Burgled

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Folks,

    My place was burgled yesterday arvo. Anyone msning or interacting with me online from 2pm Tuesday it's NOT ME! Thankfully the place wasn't ransacked but mine and my house mates laptops are gone.... and the concern is that now that they've had a look, there'll be a round two.

    I was under the false impression that my boot up password would provide some security, so I focussed on the house security today... until my friend told me they had a weird MSN with me last night....

    I see that they logged on to Netrider 5:45pm yesterday.

    And I see they've been accessing my open websites like Netrider, looking for personal info.

    Luckily my personal info on the laptop is minimal.

    I'm at work right now, changing site passwords and trying to find out what damage is being done in my name! !@#$%@#$^%@#$^!#%

    Lost: Toshiba Laptop, A30, 3.06Ghz P4-M, 60G hard drive, 1G ram, blue grey exterior, media card slot, old slow DVD-R/CD drive.

    Serial numbers and what not are being recorded. Microdotting is being organised as well. Security system is on the way. What a major fcuk up.

    Naturally the police have been informed.

    Warning to all you folk with a garden sheds, these pricks jammied their way into my tool shed, then used hedge shears to jammy the sliding security grill and then the sliding door. So much for the no fcuking security at all door.

    Rob out.

    [mod] thread title in caps dood ;)
  2. Bugger Rob. :(

    That's a shit of a thing to happen. I hope they catch the bastard and slit his throat for you. :)
  3. Mate.. no good.

    It might be worth while ask MSN to provide any IP information about your connections in the past 24hrs and seeing if that will reveal the location of your goods (and the theif).

    Good luck.
  4. Not good mate.

    That's why I install TrueCrypt on my notebooks.
  5. bummer rob. that must feel so invasive :(

    geez i love mogo, went to eden - locked no doors :shock: keys in cars etc. returned home all still here :) (left in a hurry to get down there)
  6. That's bad news Rob...

    if you really are Rob....
  7. Damn Rob, that sucks :evil:

    Hope you get to track down the lappy.

    scum....hope they get what's owing to them :evil: :evil: :evil:
  8. May the fleas of 4 million camels infest their crotches and their arms be too short to scratch. Thieving bastards. I hope they catch them Rob. Then feed em to us!!!!! :evil:
  9. Thanks folks.

    And thankyou to the Mod who looked after my shouting - much obliged!

    [mod] the pressure was all mine, title revised :)

    I'm a bit wound up about the situation...

    Thankfully, a few screwy convo's is all that this joker seems to have been able to do.

    Javaman, what is this truecrypt thing you speak of... I'll be in the market for a lap top soon and it sounds like it might be worth checking out some extra protection.


    And yes, it is the real me...

    I do all my own stunts, thanks very much. :LOL:

  10. Sucks about the breakin crap mate :evil:

    Truecrypt is internet speak for "Stopping the bad guys accessing your data" :)

  11. Expect an outbreak of burglaries in Mogo now; naughty boy, Joel, I know what you mean, but you shouldn't say stuff like that, you never know who's listening :p.

    Rob, that's the pits, I can only hope that the computer picks up an uber-virus and lunches its hard disc in the next 12 hours, just to spite the mongrels.

    {Have you given some thought to parking your bikes elsewhere for the next few weeks????}
  12. Bad luck mate.
    The dumb f*%@s may be sitting outside leaching your internet!
  13. Rob,

    Mate, that is a damn sh!t thing to go through :cry:
    Thre's nothing worse than not feeling safe in your own home :mad:

    Cheer up and shout out if you need any help

  14. That's because the hippies are too stoned to figure out how to get out of their own homes!

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Not good Rob :(

    am sure we can roust up a couple of German Shepherds to help with security :wink:
  16. Bugger. Sorry to hear Rob. :(
  17. That's sucky news Rob :( Can't stand thieves. Hope that you haven't lost too much important info on the laptop. All the best mate :)
  18. I hope the thieves are found and sodomised with a car battery.

    Good luck replacing stuff, Rob - and definitely be careful about a round two; you hear about that sort of thing all the time :(
  19. ****s!

    thanks for sharing.
  20. My previous workplace was broken into and my work laptop was taken, about 1 month later i recieved and email that was a reply from a msn that had been sent from my pc with my log in. had a msn with the guy had to talk like a teenager,and he used his nickname and mentioned his school (private school in Keysborough), i contacted the school and spoke to his coordinator after asking who this kid was, but the coordintor wouldnt tell me. Passed info to the CIB, i left the company and never found it if it was retrieved.