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Rob's new Reevu Helmet

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by robsalvv, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    I've been a fan of Reevu ever since first hearing about them on Beyond 2000 many moons ago. If you're not familiar with Reevu, the helmet features an integral rear vision mirror. In the above picture, that's the little bar above the eyes. (I can confirm that it does not interfere with primary vision.)

    Today I was able to arrange an exchange for my mint in box Gen 1 Reevu from a few years ago, for a current AS1698 approved Gen 2. (How good is that! Woot!)

    I haven't had a chance to get the helmet out on the road yet, but first impressions are that it's a clear step up from the previous series. The fit is good, finish excellent, materials of construction top notch, surprisingly light and no tight spots that I can detect at this stage. The helmet strap mechanism is unique - not a seat belt latch, not a D ring, but a ratchet latch - might even be simple enough to do with gloves on.

    The idea of being able to keep tabs on what's behind you just using your upper peripheral vision appeals. It'd be an ideal helmet for commuting riders on scooters, tourers and more upright style bikes.

    Stay tuned for a ride and "living with it" report. I'll be interested to see how it works with the 9R - the sports riding position might not work ideally with the mirror, but the mirror might come into it's own in traffic when you're generally more upright.

    They aren't widely available in Melbourne yet - if I'm not mistaken though, Geoffrey Honda carries the helmet.

    Stay tuned.
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  2. i was reading about these only just today.
    Curious to see how well the rear vision mirror works on them.
  3. [MENTION=27807]Wolve[/MENTION]
  4. Looking forward to it Rob. It's a fantastic concept.
  5. Fascinating idea. Look forward to hearing more!
  6. yep. very keen to hear your thoughts.
  7. What did it cost?
  8. Yes he has one talked to him about it the last RSC meeting he loved it.

    Will be interested to see what you think Rob.

    Cheers Jeremy
  9. id be interested in one pending your reports any idea on a website that stocks adr aproved ones? for us non melbournits
  10. Should have read your post more thoroughly, you got it as an exchange, so you may not know what they cost.
  11. have played with one of these.. didnt get to put it on my head though... seems quite good vision wise though.. not distorted or lumpy.. not much heavier or equal to my shark vision R and its been reported that they are very quiet..

    its like they put a mirror in a great helmet rather than built a crap helmet around a mirror gimmick.

    If i hadnt of recently got the Vision R .. id be looking into these..
  12. I'm not an agent for them or anything, but I'm sure if you dropped a line to Reevu at their website, they'd put you onto a retailer.
  13. Motorcycle Accessories Australia have them for $545 on their website

    As do BikeBiz - the graphic version is $599 though
  14. I can't really grasp how it works. Is there some kind of periscope inside the foam? If this is how it works is there any negatives on the safety?
  15. :eek: For that price it'd be cheaper to buy a comparable "normal" helmet, then just mount a video camera and LCD screen to the bike.
  16. That's an interesting comment. $550 is about smack bang in the middle of the the helmet market price range, yeh? That suggests that you'd get a similar level quality helmet as other similarly priced helmets, but this comes with a "free" additional safety feature.
  17. if its as quiet as ive heard.. id happily pay 550 for a quiet tri comp helmet thats got all the tricks (ratchet fastener, comfey innards) that also has a rear view mirror in it and still kept the weight down..

    Apparently you can buy all parts of the liner and insides individually.. so if you sweat like id do.. maybe you might be able to consider an inside replacement on all soft bits as opposed to hoping a wash will cut it..
  18. Yes, like a periscope. ( From the review in Aust. Road Rider.)
  19. Actually I consider it the upper end of the helmet market price range. $300 is more what I'd consider to be the middle.

    I notice the company is deliberately vague about the construction method used for the shell. They use all the right words like "carbon" and "kevlar", but don't go into details as to how much of these are used, and in what manner (other than the fact they're somehow suspended in a thermoplastic polymer). So to me it does seem a lot like a $300 helmet with a $200 periscope attached, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong if there's any test data comparing its impact strength with other helmets (particularly those using kevlar and/or carbon fibres in a resin matrix).

    On an unrelated note is there any way the rear view function can be blocked off? I know it can be bad enough sometimes with a low setting sun or car headlights behind you reflecting off the mirrors - and I could see the rear view in a helmet getting annoying at times for the same reason.