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Rob's afternoon blatt - Mt Macedon and then some!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by robsalvv, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. >clicky linky for google map <

    What a bloody gorgeous day! What a major pain in the arse that I got called into work :(

    Optimistically holding to the hope of a ride at some point in the day, I rode the bike to work. Riders to the left and riders to the right were making their way to destinations unknown... with a silent prayer for their safe passage and the luck to join them, I entered the turnstile.

    3:20pm saw me walking back towards the bike and running through my ride destination options. Where to go??????? All the good roads were at the end of long transport legs which meant not much fun time left in the day... then it dawned on me, why not run the loop I'm hoping to run as a competent noob ride soon!

    So I set off, fuelled up and got the mojo rolling.

    The loop takes you up past the airport and through to Sunbury via a very interesting diversion! Then onto some tightish stuff over Mt Macedon and back down to Woodend. From there you head out to Trentham through some more open sweeper stuff and onto Bacchus Marsh and Werribee and back to Melbourne.

    This loop is about 220kms and is constantly variable. There's never too much of the one thing before the next thing appears. The transport legs don't bore you into shopping list divising numbness and the cornering sections don't leave you feeling like you just did 30minutes on the stairmaster.

    There's ample opportunity to work on and refine the whole range of cornering skills: looking through, setting speed, tipping in, rolling on, accelerating out... and ample (read extensive) bumps and rickety road surface reminders that a relaxed cornering body position will leave you with some opportunity to become a father... suspension gets a major work out on this loop!!!

    The diversion toward Sunbury takes in a bewildering stretch of bitumen called Wildwood road. This road has twilight zone written all over it. You're still in Melbourne, but not... it drops down into a tight valley and you have no clue that the city and civilisation is only 10minutes behind you. There are down hill switchbacks, rickety roads, smooth roads, blind corners, a single lane wooden bridge, uphill hairpin... this road will bite your hard on the arse if you don't respect it... but reward you amply if you do! You've been warned!

    The Mt Macedon road takes you up to 1000m and drops about 10 degrees of temperature... the road is mostly smooth and has some tightish heavy forested bits. The goat track to the memorial cross tourist lookout is a skill test and a half! A heap of fun... except for the commodore cutting the corner and deciding that my lane was preffered :shock: Down the other side of the mountain sees two 10km/h sign posted gentle hairpins in succession that leave you smiling... followed soon after by a succession of 40km/h corners that invite you in at speeds greater than the corners deserve. Push and look!!!!!

    The road from Woodend to Trentham to Bacchus Marsh is another mix of undulations, farming land and blattable sweepers. There's nothing as tight as Mt Macedon so it's definitely Newb friendly but unfortunately for licences, very throttle friendly... I believe my licence is still safe... I think... I hope [-o<

    All in all, the loop took 3.5hrs and 5000 bugs, with two stops to stretch the legs. Experienced riders will enjoy it as a warm up to more serious stuff. Competent learning riders that want to bed down their growing skills should find it challenging and pushing their envelope - but I'd suggest that you have your cornering skills mostly down before embarking, or else keep the speeds well well down, especially on wildwood road. :)

    What a great afternoon!!

  2. Sounds sweet Rob. If you want company next time you do this loop yell out. It's good to know of a close by run that doesn't require a full day or a two hour transport section to the east side.
  3. I was just looking at your map Rob to see if you were perhaps the bike I saw fangin it past our place
    but nope you went one road over to Wildwood
    we are the road before that Oaklands-Kongaderra Rd

    sweet looking ride you had
    I got home from work about 2pm and then just slothed around
    should have headed off and might have met up with you somewhere

    next time....

  4. Port, I'm always up for company. I'll be doing this ride again before long! Expect a call bro.

    Tracey, it's the age old question isn't it... have two wheels, have a few lost hours... who to call, where to go! ...my place needs TLC, but there's no way I was not going to take a spin yesterday. Next time! :)
  5. G'day everyone,...

    Rob, you came down the 'Greendale/Trentham rd",...you rode past my front door!!!
    You did'nt stop in for Tea/Coffee,....
    I'm Offended!

    You could have stoped to say hi!
    :LOL: :LOL:

    But seriously,.....looks like a great ride,...I know some of those roads and some will be new so will be good to ride that loop when you get to run it,..
    Let me know I will be interested.

    Dr Who?
  6. Hey Rob, I'm up for last minute rides like this too, I think you have my number.
  7. Sure do mate. This blatt was totally last second though...

    In contrast with the ride I had today - which was with a bunch of top people and great from the comraderie point of view, yesterday was some solo time with my neglected bike.

    Doc, I was on a mission bro... the sun was setting and your area has too many furry things that like to trip up unsuspecting motorcyclists! :)

    So I'm seeing some interest in this loop eh! Cool. :cool:
  8. G'day everyone,.....

    So you know what I have to deal with when I leave work and ride home,or after monday coffee nights,by that time thay are out in force then.

    Its all in the Reflex's

    Dr Who?
  9. great report rob, yep wild wood road is a great stretch of road.....lenna was the one who showed me it, as she lived out at lancefield so used to ride it a bit......but yeah agree it the sort of road i always except to see gravel or some sort of crap on....as for the other roads, they also sound like it might be worth heading out there to have alook for myself :wink:

    glad to hear you had a good afternoon on the bike

    cheers stewy
  10. I am very jealous Rob :? but glad you had a great ride :)

    might just send you a text from Yea, or Marysville, or the spur today ....... :p
  11. Pls do! LOL I'll happily get jealous. Infact, I'll be there in spirit... I'll have a virtual coffee scroll and Ice Coffee thanks :)

    Stewy - Im surprised not more people know about this Wildwood road. It definitely shouldn't be attacked with overconfidence till it's been reconned once through at least! It's a totally different ride from East to West vs West to East... a bewildering patch of road that.
  12. This is one of my regular loops, a couple of times a week at least.
    Only got half an hour or so spare, need to get out of the house...
    this is where I head off too.

    It's a great little loop in the early morning, but beware of the sun if heading out in the late arvo, and also oncoming traffic picks up a bit on the return leg from about 4ish. Roo's are also something to be prepared to come across, along with pesky rabbits and foxes.
    I really like this rd at 7am on a sunday morning, virtually no trafic and no sun in the eyes, a couple of loops and I'm back home by 8am.
  13. Some of my favourite roads out that way, Mt Macedon, Woodend, Trentham, Daylesford etc. If you don't mind me tagging (lagging) along on the 2fiddy I would love to join you on the next one Rob.

    I know that Sarz loves Cameron Drive on Mt Macedon (the road up to the lookout) she might want to tag along too. :wink:
  14. Yes indeed, my favourite road, oh so many memories! :cool:
    yeah, thanks for that one Simon!

    Seriously though - Rob, will always be up for a ride around that area, would be good to get to know "the other side", count me in for future rides!
  15. Let me know to, I go up all the time because its very close by.
  16. No problems folks Simon/Sarz/Gash.

    Stay tuned!

    I'm looking to run an experienced learner ride using this loop, with a view to consolidating growing skills. Speeds will be kept lowish and hopefully there'll be enough experienced riders to take less experienced riders under their wings.

    Time to put something back into the community.

    Caz how lucky are you to have that bewildering strip of road on your door step. That 8km covers the spectrum of riding conditions!!
  17. Will keep an ear to the ground re: this run Rob as have a couple of sundays free in September :)
  18. Excellent BB, so do I! :)
  19. Mate I'd love to do another weekday run. I have heaps of holidays owing, but struggle to find weekend time.
  20. Work will force me to take more time off, so I think I should be able to accomodate soonish. :)