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Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by smileedude, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. There comes a point in everyones lives when they need a robot vacuum cleaner, and that point for me is now. I need a robot slave to do my bidding.

    There seems to be plenty under $200 and plenty well over but nothing in between.

    Anyone got a cheap one? do they do an alright job or am I better off going for an expensive one.
  2. Well at least we know the targeted banner ads work - There's a robomaid ad at the top.
    I bought a Roomba about 5 years ago. It's great for wooden floors or short carpet. Not so great when you've got really hairy pets, but it's ok for short-haired ones. The cool thing about Roomba, is if you're into robotics/electronics you can hack them and use different micro controller boards to create your own controlled robotic device. Don't know if the others let you do this - I've had no experience with them.
    I need to fix mine actually, it's gone a little haywire of late. It works for about 15 mins then shuts down, it's a known issue - requires new remote sensors I think.
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  4. You need to get a woman..or if you have one, a belt.
    Has me wondering if those robot sex dolls can vacuum ?? or do the dishes.
    I'm gunna get flamed for this hahahahaha
  5. The problem is when she's vacuuming I have to get my own beer.
  6. Rip up the carpet
    Polish the boards.

    Use a leaf blower !
  7. I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.
  8. I know a bit about the roomba, have one, and got a few for mates.

    look for one that can return to the charging base, can do scheduling, and will start up by it self.

    They will not be as good as a push vac, but works well as a maintaince thing, so you do less of the push vac.

    If you have stairs / cliffs, look for one with cliff sensors, and once they trigger they stop and revesere away from the cliff then keep going.

    The more expesive ones usually have slightly better components, and you can get parts if they break . Because they work on spinning brushes and a vac you need to do a quick pick up or not leave loose cables / socks / shoes around once ya know, well you get use to not leaving them in first place.
    cheap ones get stuck on cables a little more. the more expenisve ones, some times can clear the tangle them self.

    Batteries will need replacing after 4 to 5 years.

    If they come with virtual walls, they can be used to lock it out of areas, or speed up the cleaning, ( put it across the door, hits beam a few times and turns around, after a few attemps it will be allowed thru , and the beam then reset to make sure it doesnt clean the same area twice. )

    but overall i work on , i hate vacumming, and would value my time at minium 20 an hour, so , if the robot does that for an hour a week well it adds up.

    Mind you he goes out vacumms 3 times a week, and on saturdays i empty the bin, sharp knife down the brushes to clean out any long hair, takes less then a minute ( i do it while coffee machine heats up) and once every 2 to 3 months, give it a quick eyeball over other areas.

    harvey norman and that have them up wards of like a grand.
    Honestly look at a 560 roomba, or some thing similar.

    ( as per the 15 minute shut down , could be dust, goign over the cliff sensor and shutting it down , or the inbuilt heat sensor or battery on way out, can ya give me more info on what haywire you mean )
  9. These critters concur:
  10. How laid back are those kittens! lol

    I've got a robo vac, a kinda cheapy from Deals Direct. It's seems robust, but is as far as vaccuums go, it's really only a glorified sweeper - but that's good enough.

    They aren't maintenance free though. They need some regular cleaning - I use compressed air to blow out the various bits clean, especially the wheels. You have to clean the brushes from time to time. On balance, they're handy to keep the floor mostly dust free - just make sure you get rid of the floor clutter first, or you'll come home with the robot stopped dead, beeping at you, waiting for assistance.
  11. On balance, they're handy to keep the floor mostly dust free - just make sure you get rid of the floor clutter first, or you'll come home with the robot stopped dead, beeping at you, waiting for assistance.[/quote]
    See that's why the old fashioned vacuum cleaner is so good - you just go around the stuff on the floor.

    And if you leave enough stuff on the floor, you hardly have to vacuum anywhere.:p
  12. I Really want something similar but there's a few on the market now. I have bamboo floors and slate downstairs with carpet upstairs. MOstly interested in downstairs as with a dog and two fluffy cats I'm forever sweeping or vacuuming ....... or ignoring. I don't have much floor clutter which is good... they're just a lot of money. I don't want a glorified sweeper and would pay quality if it did the job.
  13. Roomba kittehs! :D
  14. Then you're looking at the $500 version, with the bigger collection area, supposed to be good for pet dander and has better suction. It also has a few more smarts. Let us know how you go.