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Robot Dog

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. #1 FALCON-LORD, Mar 19, 2008
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    Check this out, some vid of a robot quadraped that does some prety impresive corrections when confronted with tricky terrain

  2. lol when it slipped on the ice, I laughed so hard a little pee almost came out.

    Bloody clever robotics though.

    Also lol @ turning it into a sheep at the end.
  3. Looks like a pair of removalists, facing eachother, and carrying some cargo somewhere...

    Creepy :?
  4. That is way cool :)
  5. Oh that is so cool. If they could only make it quiet lol. I can easily see these guys making a shed load of money with defence contracts and kids toys.

    Very cool. :wink:
  6. Cool and scary....
    I can see the movie now.... some poor person in the future running for their lives slipping and sliding all over a frozen lake as 50 of these things pursue them.... kinda like I-robot.... Of course, by then they'll have laser beams attached... just like a foul tempered sea bass
  7. But they'll still be going arse up every second step
  8. Amazing :shock:
    ..and 'scarey' at the same time. Another case for science fiction becoming science fact. Star Wars.. Terminator ..
  9. Yeah I got that feeling about it as well.

    Well DARPA funded the research
  10. Now that's some seriously fast and powerful computer processing right there.

    I'm guessing that the buzzing noise is a small engine powered hydraulic pump supplying the power for the leg actuators. Could easily be silenced.

    Now if they could only make it a big bigger and mount a couple of .50's on it.....
  11. It would be interesting to watch the computer countering the recoil.
  12. Warning Thread Revival.

    Just a look at where these robotic pack animals are today. Boston Dynamic's latest device "Spot". Boston Dynamic is an owned subsidiary of Google.

  13. I always preferred this one.