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Robert Farquharson - sentencing

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. http://au.news.yahoo.com/071115/2/14xoy.html


    Son of a biatch.

  2. I vote drown the son of a biatch so he knows what his children went through !!!!!!
  3. You couldn't match it Bluestorm. Impossible. Those were his kids. He was their Dad. They would have been so scared. I f'n hate him. This story just gets to me. It's over for the kids but by God I hope the rest of his life here is miserable and disgusting.
  4. This just goes to show that we are the worse creatures on this earth. We can do the most horrible things to each other and not even bat an eye lid. Some people have no guilt feelings at all.
  5. All five minutes of it, until the boys get hold of him inside.
  6. yeh true , as a father of three and a grandfather of five, i cant for the life of me understand how someone could do something so vile to his own flesh and blood let alone any other human. I hope he burns in hell and suffers for the rest of his hopefully long life just so he does !!!!
  7. **** I hope he burns in hell for eternity! :mad:
  8. I hope his suffering is exponential and never ending
  9. He'll be praying the sex only lasts 5 minutes...
  10. Tip of the iceberg here mate!

    This guy is small time.

    Aka below


    And we freely trade and shake hands with these dudes :roll:
  11. Send the Money to see him...

  12. He might as well of killed the mother of the three kids too cause how on earth is she meant to go on now?

    She had spent 27 months pregnant with those kids and countless days of labour....for what?
    And seeing your kids die before you do is meant to be the most life shattering milestone in ones life. That poor poor women :(
  13. This is true. I knew a guy who attempted to have a career change and become a screw (prison guard) at Longbay. He lasted a few months....

    He quit and his justification was, "everything you hear about what goes on, is true".

    Sounds like this pr!ck has got it coming....
  14. I suspect that even if this guy was to be executed, it would do nothing to the pain that the mother will feel for the rest of her life.....
  15. +100 Paul
  16. +1, its so incomprehensible for someone to do such a thing. I don't pity him in any way, but i don't hold any resentment. i think if he was sane, and fully understood his actions, just living would be sufficent punishment.

    As to the mother + all who were/are affected, i don't think there is sufficent compensation or ways of recovering. Situations like this (lives being taken prematurely) happen all the time, & as bikers we see/hear an extra dosage.
    My most dominant emotion is not anger toward the father, but sorrow for the 3 little lives taken, and lives these kids had an impact on, including the father.
    such a sad world... i'd like to fix it, but i gotta fix my bike 1st... it needs re-wiring ](*,) :nail:
  17. i'm too pi$$ed to make any serious comment, and apologies in advance for takin' the pi$$.....

    but it's the definition of irony....

    even if he killed one son. what would he say?? his own name


    sorry again

    i will make light of any bad situation
  18. :popcorn:

    Ooooh boy you gonna feel like a prick when you sober up.
  19. not really, the dude on the news said his name slowly while smirking the minute i posted that. not my business, the world is full of bad people, can't change that. bad things happen to good people, bad people, fat people, rich people.

    only took the mickey because nothing i do or say can change it.

    condolences to the mum though
  20. Sad story. :cry:

    Sick crazy mofo. He will spend his days in protection
    with all the rock spiders.

    He can rot in f*cken hell. Not much more I can say.