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Robbie Williams

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by removed-6, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. I just scored FREE tickets to see Robbie Williams at Telstra dome on the 17th Dec. A mate double booked himself and offered me the gig.


    \:D/ :dance: :music:

  2. Awesome Triway, am so jealous :p :)
  3. A group of Sydney NR's are going . . . watch this space ! :wink:
  4. I saw him when he first came out to oz at the Vodafone Arena. A totally awesome concert, a real show man. And since then he's done some huge concerts and got more popular.

    I am jealous!
  5. We have two lots of tickets, we are going on the 17th and some other day.

    Then off to see Kylie, then Pink.

  6. Robbie, Kylie, then Pink . . . . .

    Please tell me its not Jason your seeing it with !!!

    . . . . not that theres anything wrong with that !
  7. I'm going with the Wife.

    I'm a good husband ;)

    The perve is going to be awesome
  8. its my 21st on the 17th where my invite
  9. Congrats!

    I managed to meet him at work a few years ago, backstage at his last tour. Nicest bloke you'd ever meet. His show was great too, not my kind of thing, but definately a great show, if you know what i mean.
  10. You pussy slapped biatch.

  11. I read and respect alot of your posts Vic, but I'm deeply concerned about your musical orientation! Sounds more like my 10 year old daughters dream list of artists! Each to there own I guess!
  12. I'm with vic on this one. I'd have NO problem at all going to watch Kylie =P~ or Pink. And you can't tell me the crowd at Robbie Williams won't be worth a look or three :shock: .
  13. hey i'm gonna be at the concert also on the 17th.
    also on the 18th, and i'm gonna be at the kylie show aswell
  14. What a show !
    Totally enjoyed it !
    Awesome !

    Here are some pics.


    the stage setup was mindboggling !


    the crowd was well entertained.

  15. Awesome Pics Mickyb...I was down amongst that crowd for the first half of the show, but I wanted to see the full effect of the stage (oh if only I were 6' tall *sigh* ) so I moved back into the grandstand and enjoyed that very view you have captured so well with your 22x zoom!

    My favs for the night...definately Feel and Angels! What a performer! I saw him Sat and Sunday night and would go again tonight if he were not in Brisbane!
  16. Exactly, I was lucky enough to get free access to the show by volunteering to help out wristbanding people as they came into the oval area. And there was some serious eye candy in that crowd for both men and women!

    Then during the show some chick up the front flashed her knockers to Robbie, he was so impressed with them that he had her do it again for the cameras, and they were displayed on the big screens for all to see! "What a cracking set of tits" were his words I think, right before he invted her and her friends tomeet in the carpark after the show for a foursome.... :LOL:

    This is a show worth seeing no matter what your musical orientation.

    And Vic, I am totally with you on Pink, she kicks BUTT!! I have tickets to 2 of her Sydney shows......cant wait.
  17. yeah, eye candy . . .

    Panthus wanted to go Robbie spotting and she found him sun baking !! :grin:
    STALKER !!!!


    yeah, we too were secret Robbie security !
    As you can see, we took it very very seriously ! hahahahahaha


    serious !!
    S took it seriously . . . . look how bitchy this pic looks !! :LOL:
    . . . . scary !!!!



    Thats all the pics i can show. :grin:
    . . . . for now ! :p
  18. I was trying to get home yesterday on Southern Cross Drive when I realised something big was on due to the traffic. One drawback of living within 1km of a major stadium - the traffic when something is on. As we were crawling along, a group of drunk yobs was hanging out their window yelling at other vehicles "Hey, are you going to see Robbie? Come with us!". They then asked me "NOT F&*^ING LIKELY" was the response. They seemed to get a laugh out of that!
  19. Oi you!! You know what they say .. there's always 1. And Vic's is the one that is as gay as a fairy in a lemon tart!

    You'll keep :)
  20. It's a very serious job keeping Mister Robbie Williams protected and I took my job very seriously making sure no crazy, out of control women got to him....before me!!! :grin: