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Rob takes the 9R motocrossing - major oops.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. Well, I had a fun time at the mystery ride tonight... however it almost ended in tears... actually, 6 more inches, and it might have just ended.

    I've spent the last couple of hours thinking about what happened.

    In hindsight I see that I was dehydrated and tired which clearly impared my judgement... and for some bloody reason I was in acceleration junky mode after Northlands (sheesh, I turned into a right Northy!! Topsh Maaate!) and the 9R was more than obliging with the g forces... resulting in a gp start at each set of light.

    Well that sets the scene... so what happened??

    Well, after leaving Northlands, I headed toward the Eastern freeway. I had burned off every car from every light and was now stopped at the Grange rd, Heidelberg rd intersection, heading South. The p plater next to me inches forward in a hotted up car... and the lights turn green... Blast off!

    Having travelled this road many many times, I mentally set up for the slight right kink while still accelerating... for some reason I didn't see the road well, the lighting was "wrong" or my eyes hadn't adjusted yet after the headlights from the cars opposite the intersection... anyway, i didn't see my usual visual clues but still set up for the kink anyway... then as I pushed on the bar, the bike suddenly violently leapt forward... what the ????!!!!

    My speed was nuts... I lost confidence, and jammed on the anchors... now the bike was nose down and tail slipping side ways... this was not going to do, so I got back on the gas... and looked where I needed to go.

    So I pressed on the right bar again.... and again the bike leapt forward... what the f"??!?!?!!

    I wasn't going to make the corner... the bike mounted the curb and started bucking... but thankfully I was on a short strip of concrete and remeber thinking, "thank f..k!! Traction!!!". So I pushed on the right bar again... but the bike leapt foward again... Noooooo!! and now a concrete electricity pole came into focus fair and square ahead and was growing fast.

    Where's the road, where's the road?!?!?!!?!?!

    I spot the road, I so badly want to be on the road. Give me the road. Please let me get on the road...

    The concrete turns into a grass verge with the pole dead ahead... a few horror scenarios flash through my mind - and I was certain I was about to become a pole ornament... but I keep pushing and finally the pole, starts slipping to the left... I have a chance!!!

    The bike is bucking like a bronco with the uneven surface, ...I'm gripping like mad on the tank and probably the bars... and still accelerating... then the pole rushes past my left elbow, barely inches away... funny how the mind works at a moment like this... I wondered whether the guy in the car was getting a good show....

    I'm not out of the woods yet though.

    Now there's a green sign looming dead ahead.

    There's bumpy grass underneath me, the sign ahead and a curb between me and the safe safe road. I'm now a passenger rocketing ahead... and for some f'king reason, still accelerating!

    ...still focussed on the road, some corner of the brain is telling me to look and push push push.

    Finally, the bike remounts the curb, bucking with the huge suspension movements - I'm in the lap of the gods. Please stay upright...

    Suddenly the sign flashes past to my left and I'm on the road!


    The bike settles down and the distance to the yarra bridge is swallowed up in a second before I get a chance to roll off.

    ...What the hell just happened there?!?!?

    Suddenly I'm laughing with relief and I decide not to stop riding - but instead, put some bike time and distance between me and the incident.

    I tried not to think... but every now and then, the mind would ask, what the f..k happened???

    Two words, "throttle rocker".

    For some reason, this time when I put pressure on the right bar I actually rolled on the throttle. The more I pushed, the more I rolled on. Of course that's what a throttle rocker is meant to do... but this time it caught me out.

    I was caught out setting up for the corner when the surge forward unsettled me and the bike... leading to a chain reaction which had me mounting the curb and taking an off road excursion.

    Interestingly, the acceleration when I was off road, probably also saved me since the acceleration took load off the front and probably allowed it to track better.

    These thoughts came to me when I was chillin and reflecting on what happened at a golden arches... the ordered coke lasted all of 2 seconds... man I was mega thirsty... and then the pieces started to call into place.

    The morals of this story:
    -> thottle rockers are great for long distance straight roads and long sweepers - not so good around town.
    -> Keep hydrated! I think dehydration played a significant roll in the lack of judgement.
    -> When your judgement is clouded... ride like a granny!

    I tell you, I'm glad to still be here to share the story.

    Need to get some sleep. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Defrag the brain.

    Night all.
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  2. Ill go look for the skid marks tomorrow :LOL:
  3. Geeeeez Rob..... glad ya OK mate, sounds like an interesting night..... just glad you weren't leading the ride........ :LOL:
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  4. Theres probably 2 sets, one of em will be in the washing machine by now :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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  5. shit rob..... sounds like you got away with a great story, and the +1 to opps i fcuked up and got away with it experience bag.......

    glad to here both you are the 9 are fine....

    Please people remember only ride when you head and mind is in the right place
  6. Time for a 'motard, Bro... :cool:
  7. Which ones would they be? :LOL:

    Glad you stayed upright Robsalvv :grin:

    I have a throttle rocker too and it took me a while to get used to it, having to change riding style slightly.
  8. Bet the P Plater claimed it as a victory as he blew you off the road :LOL:

    S'pose that's the risk you take when you treat the road like a race track :roll:
  9. Glad you're ok then Rob. Sounds like a brown pants moment but at least you kept it upright. Onya for working out and admitting the root cause and not just the "it's the bike's set up" cause. :)
  10. Damn! Good to see you made it through that adventure to to tell the story. Thanks for sharing and keeping these things in all our minds.
  11. Jeeze Rob! I'm glad you're ok and with us to tell the tale. :shock: There's a whole lot of nasy stuff in you way if you miss that corner. Not a good place for it at all. :shock:

    Funny how something seemingly insignificant (like a throttle rocker) can cause so much hassle without us even thinking that it could be the problem. Important thing is you're ok, the bike's fine and now you know something new (and so do we). :)
  12. Eeeks, sounds exciting to say the least!

    Glad it all turned out ok. Maybe your Superbike school courses just paid for themselves? I'm guessing a less experienced rider might have just picked the softest landing spot :)
  13. hmmmmm
    reminds me of that ol'biker saying-

    put brain in gear ..before putting bike in gear :LOL:
  14. Taa guys. No really, taa.

    Appreciate the comments - and that's the reason I shared my idiot "moment" with the community... my brain fart experience might help avoid someone elses.

    PVDA is right.
    Yep, I was a pratt last night. In the tradition of Jethro Gibbs on NCIS, I definitely deserve a slap across the back of the head for that one.... HEY!!! Why are you all lining up??!!!

    :-k My housemates ZZR still isn't run in... might take that out instead for a while. :-k
  15. Yikes! What an experience. So close. :shock: Good to hear you kept your head - literally. :shock:

    That's a good analysis of the experience too Rob. :)
  16. Heh that's not like you Rob ya bloody goose!

    Tash's boyfriend Tony gave me his throttle rocker when we were over in Adelaide, and I put it on at the start of a freeway blast. I pulled over about 10 minutes later thinking "f*ck that's dangerous" and yanked it off.
  17. Hey rob good on ya :shock: It must have been gold zx9 day as mine went down dodging a roo ,chum creek road yesterday :shock:
  18. Mal!!! :shock: Noooooooooooo!!

    Are you OK?

    How's the bike!?
  19. I am fine and surprisingly very little damage,oggys are cool :grin: By the time we hit the ground speed was reasonably slow,well as far as i can remember,biggest biatch was pushin it out of a wombat hole where the front wheel was and up the embankment.
  20. Jeezuz... I was just about to go out and buy one of those throttle rocker jiggers. Definitely having second thoughts now.