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Roarin's east coast tour (& the odd pub stop) -the next

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Roarin, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. Allrighty then -where do I start? Well about 2 weeks ago the opportunity to get myself & a bike to Brisbane presented itself. So as any self respecting motorcyclist would do, the boss was informed that my good self would be absent for a week & a 1/2. This was mentioned at a particularly busy part of the day & was accompanied by a mumbled "okay" & promptly forgotten. Beauty.
    Righto -what bike do I take. Good judgement suggested my '95 VFR 750 -perfect for such a trip. But when does good judgement form part of a motorcyclists thought proccess? Not in this ones head. So what did I take? My '93 VFR400R. Uncomfortable? Yes -makes a Ducati feel like a lounge chair. Short fuel range? Yes. Hard to get spare parts for? Yes. Centre stand -in case of punctures? No. Luggage carrying ability? None. Fun to ride? Hell yes. Has me giggling like a school girl every time I go near it. Perfect. Settled. Order new set of tyres. Change oil, filters, coolant, brake fluid. Replace a couple of perished looking fuel & vacuum lines. Check wheel bearings, brake pads, chain & sprockets. Okay, we're as ready as we'll ever be.
    Sunday morning 2 weeks later finds myself & Skuffy waiting at a petrol station in Brissy for St. Simon -or was it the other way round. Anyway we got underway at around 1/2 seven & headed for "the gap" Hooked up with dan there & off we went for a lap of the famous "block". First off, to set things straight -the weather up there is tops. Warm, dry & sunny. In the middle of winter. Just like the add's say. Honest. The're not lying. Well not for the week I was up that way anyway. Okay then, where was I? Thats right, the block. Off we go up Samford road heading for Dayboro. Climbing up & over a few ridges through some sweeping corners. Hey this isn't too bad. Not as twisty as I thought it might be. Nice smooth & dry roads but. Anyhow we get to Dayboro, turn north & headed towards D'Aguilar. Oh my god. I think I've died & gone to heaven. The road instantly turns into a never ending set of 50km/hr or less marked corners as we start to climb up Mt Pleasant & then Mt Mee. The 400 is in its element. Howling through the corners on its ear, standing on its nose as we tip into corner after corner. Damn this is fun. I knew I brought the 400 for a reason. I'm giggling like that schoolgirl again. Stop at the top to regroup. Inspect tyres. Chicken strips -what the hell are they? Off we go again. As we head down the other side we come accross a couple of fire trucks & officers of the law. Then a tray truck with a mangled bike on it. Apparently one of the Overcrashers, I mean overclockers had come to grief earlier that morning. Later heard he wasn't badly injured. Started to feel peckish so we stopped at Kilcoy for brekky. Steak, eggs, chips etc.etc. Look for petrol station. And we're off again. More sweeping corners & straights as we head towards Somerset Dam. Then all of a sudden, nirvana. No, not the band but corners. Lots of them. Tight ones, tighter ones & long never ending ones. One after the other. That bl@@dy school girl is back in my helmet again. Corners that seem to go on for ever. Brake, fling the bike on its side & just crack the throttle to settle it. Wider, wider -roll off a fraction to tighten the line, on it again for what seems like for ever until you hit the apex, then see the exit & pin it to the stop. Banging up through a gear or two till the next & start all over again. I think this must be what they call paradise. Regroup at the Mt Glorious/Nebo turnoff. As a motorcyclist I couldn't think of better name for it. Glorious that is. We're off again. Climbing, climbing & leaning round these corners that you swear are going to end up back where you started untill all of a sudden you flick to the other side & start all over again. This goes on for mile after mile. Did I mention I was having fun? Finally make the summit & wind our way down the other side back to the gap servo right back where we started.
    Refuel & dan starts talking about heading down the coast to Mount Tamborine. Head off down the Pacific Hwy to Yatala. Stop to refuel again & hook up with Tanyathecheeky. Kick back & soak up some UV's. Skuffy starts sooking about skin cancer & a burnt neck so dissappears looking for some sunscreen. Comes back with some suspicuos looking white cream & seems a bit too eager in my opinion to start rubbing it onto anyone half willing to accept his alledged generosity. I'll pass thanks.
    Tanya turns up & we're off again. Up & over Mt Tamborine, accross the back of Nerang past Natural Bridge & find our way onto some of the coolest back roads on route to Murwillumba. Some real narrow bits where you have to ease right off then all of a sudden it opens up & you can see a few corners ahead & get stuck right into it again. About 3/4 of the way there I get some stupid idea that I'm about to run short of fuel so have to knock the throttle off & curtail the fun. Well, a little bit anyway. Then again probably not that much at all come to think of it. Refuel, talk some shit & decide on a route back to Brissy. I'm all for heading back the way we came but the others pointed out that the light may beat us so a trip up the Freeway is in order. A bit of lane splitting is in order along with a couple of roll on drag races. Everyone peels off to thier respective destinations & we are back in Brissy again. 600kms for the day. Did I mention it was fun? Ahh well, one day down, 5 more to go as it turned out. But thats another story. For another day. Or 3. Cheers Andrew

  2. A FANTASTIC trip report :) I'm hanging for that "another story" now. You b$%tard :) Thanks :)
  3. Sounds like you are having to much fun, I am going to do that one day. Ride safe on your remaining days, hope we see some pics.
  4. Andrew if that report was supposed to create an outbreak of JEALOUSY, IT SUCCEEDED!!! :LOL: What a great day, and if I may say, very well written too. We look forward to futher envy-inducing posts. :)
  5. Nice wrap up Andrew, looking forward to the pub stop stories!
  6. Great roads aren't they.
  7. HAHA I did almost the same trip about 3 years ago!! took the bike (VFR750) on a truck up to the sunshine cost!! Man the roads there as so good...

    Enjoy the roads.... and the weather...
  8. seems like its about time for the next installment.
  9. niiiice work!

    Reading that sure beats the hell out of working..

    Whens the next update?
  10. Great report, mate. We are consumed with jealousy. Can I be the resident pedant and just note one thing? The report would have been much easier to read if you had broken it down into smaller paragraphs and left a line break in between each of them.

    Large bodies of text like that are difficult to read unless you are determined to do so, but better formatting would make it much easier and enjoyable.

    Please write out 100 times after class, "I must format my work."

    (just kidding, it was a great read anyway)
  11. Well then -where was I? Thats right, still in Brisbane. Is it only me or does this affect other riders as well? Every time I go near the bike with the key in my hand my mouth goes a little bit dry, the hands tremble just a tiny bit & the heart rate steps up a peg or 2. And this is after 23 years of road riding. Anyone else suffer similar symptoms?
    Sorry about that -back to the story. In all my time I have never seen a road system like Brisbanes. It has to be the easiest place to get lost within 3 blocks of leaving your start point. Fair dinkum. I made myself a little bit of a mud map, stuck it to the tank with some sticky tape & off I went. For about 2 & a half blocks. After which I was lost. So I headed towards the river & headed south. Don't ask me what roads I went on 'cause I couldn't tell you. And would have to make up outrageous lies about how good I was at finding my way out of the city.
    Eventually I found myself on the Gateway freeway & was surprisingly still headed south. Great. Untill a toll booth appeared. Have you ever tried finding a dollar something in change in your leathers with gloves & helmet on with a dozen cars behind you waiting to get going again? If I were you I would start practising now if you intend on heading up that way. Seriously. So with that out of the way I'm off again. Only about an hour later than I had intended. And then another toll booth appeared. Well at least I had had some practise. Fumble, swear, swear a bit more & off we go again. At least I got to ask the lady in the toll booth for some directions. Which actually were not too bad. Surprisingly. Turned west onto the Logan motorway until I hit the Mt. Lindesay Highway, turned south again & headed for Beaudesert. Which is the exact spot I started to feel peckish & spotted that universally recognised symbol for the hungry traveller -the golden arches.
    Suitably refreshed I headed off towards Rathdowney. All of a sudden the road turns into tightish sweeping corners with short straights connecting them. That giggling starts in my helmet again. This continues for kilometer after kilometer. Heaven. Bliss. Can it get any better than this? And strike me pink it does. As I start the climb round the back of Mt Lindesay the road turns into an endless snake of 35km/hr marked corners. One after the other. For about 40 odd kilometers. A word of warning -for some reason the big semi trucks (which from this point on will be referred to as FBT's -Farking Big Trucks) use this road. A lot. So keep your eyes peeled for them. And the pot holes & corrigations that accompany them. And stay on your side of the road. Cause they're not going to get out of your way.
    A couple of kays after crossing the border into NSW I turned east, off the Mt Lindesay highway onto the Summerland Way. The road starts to unfold into long sweeping downhill corners with a few tighter ones sprinkled in between. Which the 400 takes to like a fish to water. Bouncing off the speed limiter in top gear on a couple of occasions. With the smell of woodsmoke from the locals burning off tingling my nostrils. Damn this is fun. Fill up with fuel just out of Kyogle. Cruise mode on I head for Casino. Stop for a drink & a splash & dash. Start yarning to the servo pump operator. "Whats the road like down through Coraki?" I ask "Not bad" says he. "Where you headed?" "Down to Grafton" "But if you go that way then you have to double back & it will take you much longer" "Great" I say. Then a smile starts to slowly spread accross his face as the realisation comes to him. "You're going to give it a bit aren't you. Pretty quite out there" And he was right. It was quite. Untill the 400 came howling along down the straights, tipping into these long, long corners. I can still smell the cane fields to either side, bright green with the blue sky above, and the Richmond river off to my left. And then I got to the Pacific Highway. Headed down to Grafton. Whose stupid idea was it to bring the 400? Stretch one leg, then the other. Stand up on the pegs for a bit. Lay on the tank for a bit. 100 odd kays & we're there. Fuelled up & turned west towards Glen Innes along the Gwydir highway. The first 35 odd kays are a mix of sweeping corners & a few tighter ones. Up & down gentle hills following the ridges & valleys. Then the fun starts. I start to climb up the Gibraltar range. More corners. Left right left right. Climbing the whole way. 35, 40 & 50km/hr marked corners. For about 40 odd kays. Who was the genius that thought of bringing the 400? Crikey its starting to get cold. Made the summit & started the run down to Glen Innes. Road opens out into straights & sweepers for the last few kays.
    Decide its time to stop for the night. Look for a pub. Spot one. How much for a single room? $30. Done. Got anywhere to park a bike? Yeah, says the female publican. Just round through the side gate & beside the shed under the veranda. I parked my Harley there for ages & it was fine. Coooool. Dumped my gear in the room & wandered back down to the bike. Now what would any self respecting motorcyclist who had just done 550 odd kays of twisties that day do next? I'm surprised I have to ask. Go for a ride. Naturally. Check out the local scenery. What I can tell you is that there is not a lot to see. Of local scenery that is. Well not that I saw anyway. Headed back to the pub. Do you have meals? I ask. Not tonight, but if you wander accross the road that pub over there, they will look after you. Excellent. So in the publics best interest I decided to check the quality of the beer at the pub I was staying at to the one I was going to have tea at. I can honestly report that they were both excellent. As far as I could tell anyway. Not that I'm an expert or anything. And the steak was truly magnificent. Medium Scotch fillet with mushroom sauce, chips & veges. Tender & juicy. Mmmmm. And on that note I'm going to have to leave you & go & cook myself some tea. Cause if I don't then there is a very real chance I may starve to death & then who would be able to tell the rest of my adventure? Cheers, Andrew
  12. This stuff ought to be bottled for rainy days!!!!
  13. Does it get any better than that? (BTW didn't skuffy teach you any of his stretching exercises?) :LOL:
  14. Re: Roarin's east coast tour (& the odd pub stop) -the n

    Hmmm, haven't tried these roads (I don't think). I may have to go for an explore this weekend...
  15. :biker: :biker: :biker:

    (for those of you interested it takes 3 bikers to make sure the message is long enough)
  16. matt, you are a card-carrying larrikin :LOL: 8)
  17. Good work Roarin, especially as i know the roads you're talking about :D Can't wait for the next installment :)

    v-quixotic - miss summerland way atm - accident there sat arvo, little friends are on patrol.
    But when it settles if you want i'll take you, the trip to kyogle is a ripper :D