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Roarin's birthday bounce

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Loz, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. A big happy birthday to the fastest, maddest (and now sorest) old fart on two wheels!

    Roarin celebrated his (ahem)th birthday in style today with a truly inspired fang through, around and perpendicular to the twisties, including off-road action, snow burnouts, back-ins, powerslides and culminating in a lovely pirouetting tumble down the road to Noojee at high speed from which he emerged bruised but unharmed. Katie the KTM held up brilliantly.

    Either way, hope you had a good ride mate, you embody the spirit of the gleeful maniac motorcyclist more than anyone I know despite your advanced age and retreating hairline.

  2. Happy birthday, Roarin - looks like you celebrated it in fine style!

    :beer: :birthday: :beer:
  3. Geez Roarin, you kept that quiet didn't you?

    Many, many happy returns for the year ahead.

    What a way to spend your special day, huh?

    :beer: :birthday: :dance: \:D/
  4. Gee man, why didnt some one say something?? we could have poked shit at him all day :) happy birthday bloke, hope the war wounds dont give you too much grief
  5. Happy birthday Roarin! Yep - you're a spirited nutter on that KTM - love it! Hope you heal without drama.
  6. Happy Birthday Andrew :beer:
  7. Happy Birthday :D
  8. Happy Birthday Roarin...not a mention of it all day you bugger.

    Maybe some new leathers for your birthday would be good :grin:
  9. Happy Brithday Andy.... hope you had a top day

    Cheers Stewy
  10. Happy Birthday for yesterday Andrew, you are indeed the maddest, but I for one wouldn't have you any other way. We need more rides and more of your incomparable ride reports!!!
  11. Happy Birthday Andrew. Hope you're not too sore today :)
  12. Hey Roarin...happy b'day mate.
    Ya decked it!...but at least it sounds like your hair was on fire when you did, eh :))
    Still got street cred, mate.. :grin: :grin:...and a few new "warrior" marks to point at now - heal well!~
  13. Happy birthday Roarin... what an effort to keep that low yesterday huh? But it showed you had fun a day w/ all the action on the KTM.

    and thanks for helping me sort out my loose chains (w/c Loz described as flappin' like a nanna's *i*s) yesterday. :)

    ... will post some of your birthday action pics at the west gippy ride thread soon.
  14. Well I suppose it's safe to reply now -seeing that a whole week has gone by :LOL: :LOL: Yep, it was indeed an excellent day. Good company & riding bikes. What more could you want?
    I can also vouch for the effectiveness of cow skin in the event of a slide down the road. Not a scratch on me -only a small friction burn on my forearm. But it was all worth it for the fun in between :LOL: :LOL:

    PS I am no longer a teenager. Thats if turning 40 disqualifies oneself from being one. Does acting like one still count? :oops:
  15. yep, a week has gone by..........must be about time for me to realize whats hapnin! (speed....huh! :LOL: ) Wellllll, um, happy birfday? nah, too late, I know you had a great day :grin:
  16. Growing old in mandatory, growing up is optional. :LOL: