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Roarin has gone barking mad

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Roarin, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. Hehehehe. Sorry about that. I just can't help myself. Hahaha. I have just added another 2 wheeled conveyance to my little collection & by crikey its the best one for fun yet. After spending the last month belting my VFR400 all around New Zealand I caught up with my family for a week. And scored a ride on my brothers KTM 640 LC4 enduro. Ho ho ho was it fun. All sorts of two wheeled lunacy ensued. Mono's everywhere. Sliding & drifting & wheelying around all the tight twistie roads we could find. And thats before I hooned off down the gravel roads & into the bush.
    After getting back to Oz on the weekend I just happened to be riding past the local KTM dealer & guess what I spotted on the showroom floor. Yep -a brand new 625SXC LC4. Of course I had to stop & take a look. So guess whats now parked in the shed. Hehehehe. Now with about 200 kays on the clock. This thing is FUN. Has me laughing like a lunatic whenever I go near it. Let alone fire it up & go for a squirt. By crikey she's got some mumbo for a single cylinder dirt bike. Roll on the gas in 2nd gear & the front wheel leaps into the air & off you go. Hahaha. Click through a couple more gears and glance down at the speedo. 140 stares back at me with plenty more to come. (Trust me, I was doing about 160 on my 400 when my bro went bellowing past at about 175 on his :LOL: :LOL: ) And this is on a dirt bike :shock:
    Anything is fair game. Interesting looking embankments on the side of the road. No worries, point her in that direction & catch some air.
    You'll have to excuse me for a while. Just got to duck out to the shed for a while. Hehehehe. Cheers

  2. Wow congrats on the new bike.....sounds like heaps of fun! :)

    i've heard of alotta good reviews on the KTM 640 LC4 supermoto.....any comments on that?
  3. So when you ridin' back to Brissie so I can have a turn? :grin:
  4. Youre off yer nut.

    An' IiiiiiiiiiiiiIII like it!
  5. You ARE a maniac, Andrew, but you write a mean line of motorcycling prose :grin:
  6. Sorry about that. Back again. To be entirely honest I can't comment on the supermoto performance as I did not take it for a test ride. What I can tell you is the differences in the engine spec. They both share the same engine capacity -625cc's. Same engine but the SXC uses a 41mm Flatslide Keihn carb. The LC4 uses a 40mm Mikuni. Apparently the SXC makes a little more top end power & revs a little more freely. The supermoto also weighs an extra 10 kg on the SXC.
    If you are looking to break the land speed record or do high speed cruising on either of these bikes you would be sorely dissapointed. . But if you don't mind cruising along at 100-120km/hr and receiving a nice invigorating massage of all your extremities then look no further. Same if you happen to like doing the odd jump or stoppie.
    Equipment levels are second to none. 48mm WP upside down forks. WP rear shock. Brembo brakes. Braided lines. Aluminium Magura handlebars. CrMo frame. Excell rims. All stock standard. At least you can see where your money goes :LOL:
    And if riding twisties & gravel roads are your thing then I would say you couldn't go wrong. (or do any better) Mono's require no provocation, they just happen. Extremely light handling & easy to throw around. And just plain good fun to ride. Go for a test ride on one & see if it suits you. Down side is small fuel tank. 9.2 litres to be exact. But larger tanks are available. At a price mind you. Thats about all I can think of at the minute. And lord knows I need my beauty sleep.