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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by roundabout, May 13, 2005.

  1. anyone know how much this will cost in vic? 2001 bike, no problems with it.

  2. Approx $80
  3. thanks, you don't know how long i can leave my rego expired before its canceled do you?
  4. most places i've been to charge $50-$60 for an RWC? and be careful with the "nothing wrong with it" thing, you'd be suprised just what can happen in a couple of years. discs are a killer, i hate discs. i'd take them off if i didn't need them for stopping :evil:

    and i beleive you have 3 months after the reg has expired to renew it before it is cancelled (might pay to get a 2nd opinion on that tho, i've never let it get to that). but you cant ride it in that time unless you've got a permit or you've paid up. an expired reg is the same as no reg in the eyes of the law.
  5. BTX in Ferntree Gully quoted me $65 to do the RWC on my bike (i believe that includes the initial check and the final check when i've fixed any probs)

    As for the rego, you have 3 months after it runs out to re-register, after that you need to go through the whole RWC and appointment with Vic Roads thing.

  6. thanks, am just trying to work out an economical way of getting the most out of my bike this year. leaving my rego payment until after winter is looking like an option. plus can just drop the insurance to fire/theft. going to be hard not to ride for 3 months though.

    for ref, checked with vicroads (should really have done this first), have 3 months lapsed rego before i need to get roadworthy'd again
  7. i dont think that leaving the reg payment till later is gunna help, unless you cancel and re-register, the payment will carry on from where the old reg expired, not from when you pay the new one.

    and i'd say its much more of a hassle than its worth to get the reg cancelled and re-instated. its $50 at the very least for a RWC, and another $40 i beleive for the vicroads inspection, and then whatever else it costs you in time, petrol and bits and pieces to get that done....
  8. i am transferring from act rego so may not be the case. good point though, will chekc with vicroads