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Roadworthy this week (fingers crossed)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by pot87, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. yep thats correct, i should have the old girl on the road next week well this week comming, i have orderd a new tacho cable should be here on tuesday, and all i have to buy now is a new air filter and air filter cover but thats really not that important..i can get through the roadworthy without touching that...i also have to fix the wires in the headlight because for some strange reason the wires seem to short out the high-beam light and not the low beam which is werid so i should have that sorted out tommrow. I can't wait for the bike to be on the road. I also lubicated the chain which hasn't been done since i had the bike and also pumped up the tyres to Front=25psi and Back=36psi and it handels well before they only had 10-12psi and i almost ran into the bush because it want to go left when i wanted to go straight and it didn't want to do anything and i was going 50km/h up my driveway in 3rd gear. So yeah anyway sorry about me raving on but yeah i'm finally getting the old girl on the road...then having a few lessons with my mates and then booking into Q-RIDE to get my licence.

  2. i found out whats wrong with my headlight it's just the wire connection so yeah i just have to get a new connection and then it's fixed, so yeah sometime this week i should have one and hopefully by friday the bike should be on the road. I rode the bike around this morning with my helmet and gloves on and i tell ya what it's different, normaly i ride with no helmet on just around the yard not on the road yet because i wouldn't dare ride a bike on the road without a helmet, i want something between me and the road if my head hits it.
  3. well it's happening this week on wednesday at 10:00am and yeah i'm so excited man i'm also proberly going to register the bike the same day, when i do get it registerd and the number plate i will take some pics yeah i can't wait mans.