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Roadworthy in the Knox area...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Grunge, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. Can anybody recommend a place that does a bike roadworthy in the knox area?
    I've just sold it and need to get it done....
    I don't want someone who'll charge me the world and be to anal retentive, but someone who's not slack?

    Recommendations anyone?
  2. I know its not knox but if you can get out there I highly recommend bennet st bike tune in dandenong
  3. +1 Bennet Bike Tune
  4. Clive carter on burwood hwy in Upper FTG - old pommey bloke who is no-bullshit, and his wife will talk your ear off. As long as the bike looks and sounds in VGC, all parts are ADR (he has a penchent for non-adr braided lines), all lights work, and the tyres aren't rotten, you're fine.

  5. I had one done at Jeffrey Honda in FTG for about $70. They seemed good to me.

    I got one of those saver discount newspapers yesterday and there was a place in Glen Waverley (Razz Automotive) that is doing them for $63. No idea of what they are like though. If you're in knox I would think you'd get the same newspaper.
  6. I live around the corner from Razz in Aristoc Road. I don't think they do bike RWC, only cars.
  7. I just had a RWC at Mick Hone Box Hill. They were fair, i bought a new set of pads for the front.

    Note: Most places seem to pick u up for something. I guess they are just trying to value add. I thought a set of $30 brake pads wasn't too bad.