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Roadworthy Dirt Bike untill full license

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by moad, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. Hi Netriders,

    I'm looking to purchase a roadworthy dirt bike for transport and a weekend blat in the scrub. It will turn into purely dirt riding when im on my full license in March and get my 600. Im just after some suggestions for 250's, ill be wanting a bit of power, dont really care about the comfort or road suitability as it is only a temporary road bike.



    edit: budget around 3k

  2. back in my day, sigh!,
    I did the same thing but had a honda XR250. absolutely loved it.
    Easy bike to get rid of after on my full license well.

  3. Anything so long as it's electric start :wink:

    So what's your budget? You plan on keeping it for a while and also want to buy a 600 :?
  4. I would probably get a 400 just cause a 250 gets boring unless you get a high perofrmance 4 banger (or 2 stroke but i dont know about rego).

    I had a TTR250 which was good to start off but after a month of road and trail riding i was sick of it, it struggle to go over 100 and in the bush was fairly lack luster and for its size it weighed a bit.

    A DRZ400E/S (or even SM :twisted: ), XR400, XR650 (heavy but still good on fire trails etc) all of those bike are lams approved so learner legal

  5. No LAMS in NSW right?

    The new 250's are rip-snorters, the old ones.... not so much. How about an enduro 2-stroke? Be a bit more poke for you.
  6. Yeah, but I;m guessing the 600 he wants is one of those YamSuzHonKi ones :wink:
  7. You don't need electric start on a dirt bike. Go with an old XR250. They are bullet-proof. I've never had a dirt bike (any bike) with electric start, I rarely stall the engine, clutch control comes to me naturally. I've been kick starting bikes since I started at 7yo and never have a problem with it. You won't need an electric starter on a 250. I have an XT550 and is a beast, but I can still kick start it with relative ease.

    So I recommend an XR250, Honda's bulletproof bike. It hasn't had many changes from when they first came out over a decade ago until the current models, so parts are easy. Dirt bikes are pretty good for parts, especially bikes which are essentially the same year after year. I love my little 250 (old school Yami' XT250 from 1982) and is great in the bush. Bigger bikes become a handful, yet this is perfect for its age. You'll probably get a 250 and won't want to lose it when on full license. I know I will be hesitant to let mine go.
  8. My TTR-250 goes pretty sweet. Dad has a KLX250 with a small back sprocket, so it cruises a bit nicer at higher speeds.

    If you get a 400 you'll pay an EXTRA $440 per year in rego in NSW. Dunno about other states.