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Roadworthy cost?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by HunkyDory, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm thinking of buying a Ninja 250r, it has an aftermarket exhaust, tail-tidy and a larger, tinted windshield as it's mod. If we were to assume that is is roadworthy apart from these mods, how much am I expecting to pay for the roadworthy? And do I HAVE to buy these parts, get them fixed on and then roadworthy'd and re-put back on to actually use them? Or alternatively somebody who can do these sort of roadworthy situations?

  2. Did you ask the seller if they're willing to sell the bike with a RWC, or at the very least whether they still have the stock parts they replaced still lying around?
  3. There's very limited time to get back to the seller. I would have straight away if I did have a contact and there wasn't say a few hours left of the sale. :p He has this in the description though, "COMES WITH 8 MONTHS REGO BUT NO RWC ALSO HAS ALL THE PARTS I HAVE UPGRADED" so I'm guessing he doesn't have the original parts and he MIGHT NOT be willing to get RWC with it.

    Thanks for your prompt response. :)
  4. Hmm, I would have thought "has all the parts I upgraded" would in fact mean they still have all the parts they removed.

    If that is the case then hopefully it's just an easy job to put it back to stock to get it through a RWC, then you can choose what you do/don't put back on. Of course stock screens and fenders are pretty easy to source cheap off ebay anyway, and you might be able to borrow a stock muffler of another member.
  5. a RWC in Vic is about $120 to $150 depending on who you go to.*

    * assuming you ride in, everything is hunky dorey and they tick boxes, scribble down stuff, take photos and you are on your way. Costs start going up if you need to fix/replace/fit factory stuff

    PM me and I'll tell you who NOT to go to.
  6. Wow.
    Wonder what Vic roads takes or Vic RTA ... whateva u have down here.
    Oh hi I'm in Melbourne :) How do you deal with this cold ???
    Anywho $78 up here... here god I wish I was here. Here being Nanna land
  7. Cost $80-130. different places, different prices....As your in Berwick, recommend Brett @ Mad Biker in FTG..known to be legit and fair.

    Exhaust - if its noisy put the original back on
    tail tidy - refit the standard rear 'mud guard'....ADR's say it must extend to 45 degrees.....yadda yadda
    screen - so long as its not cracked or damaged so as to affect riders vision 'should be ok'

    Always best to aim to get through a RWC the first go. In your case that means fitting a couple of the standard items back on...not a big job by any means..