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Roadworthy Certificate

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Makybe05, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. Hey,
    Just got a really stupid question. I'm looking at buying a bike over the weekend so I'm pretty excited. First they said the bike would come with a roadworthy certificate, but upon negotiations they have said that the bike will not come with a roadworthy certificate. What does this mean for me? How much will a roadworthy certificate cost me for a 2005 model?

  2. I think if your buying a road registered bike the seller is obliged to give you a safety/roadworthy certificate. I know thats the case for cars.

  3. Thats only in nsw though :p
  4. I suspect you are refering to a VIC registered bike given your profile says Wagga.
    In VIC the a RWC is required to transfer current rego into your name, otherwise plates should be removed and rego cancelled.

    In NSW a RWC doesn't exist, we have Pink and Blue Slips, neither of which is required to transfer current rego of a NSW registered vehicle into your name in NSW.

    If this is a VIC registered bike, then it is possible the seller tried to get a RWC but the bike failed, and will require $$ to be spent by the new purchaser to obtain one.
  5. okay, its in Victoria. The windshield is cracked but he has a brand new one to go with it, would that be enough to fail a roadworthy test? Should i demand a roadworthy certificate? or should i just replace the windscreen then when i get to Wagga get a pink slip?
  6. crazy if you don't get one unless you're real good at inspections.
  7. Don't ask us, if you really like the bike, get it inspected by someone who does it for a living, and can give you an estimate of the cost to get the bike up to standard. You could also check the service record, and if a dealer has been maintaining it, ask them what the bike is like. Though taking to a separate dealer for a mechanical check would be better, and both would be best.

    There could be some serious, and expensive, problems that are not obvious.
  8. It looks in pretty good nic and thats what you'd expect from a 2005 model. I'm taking someone along with me who knows a bit about bikes so it should be okay. Can the sale proceed if there is no roadworthy certificate with the sale? What do i say to them? I'm sure it's just that there not aware or something.
  9. Pink slip is of no use to you on a VIC registered bike.

    To transfer it to your name in NSW you will require a Blue Slip (contact RTA for nearest AUVIS) which is basically an identity check and costs $30 for bikes.

    Advice is take it to a car/truck workshop who does AUVIS (Blue Slip) not a bike shop. A bike shop has a vested interest to find things wrong with it, a car workshop doesnt. Because the Blue Slip inspection does not involve riding it, well as long as all lights, horn controls work, and rubber is legal, then it will almost certainly pass.

    And yes ANY AUVIS can do a bike blue slip inspection, it need not be a bike dealer/shop that does the Blue slip.
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  10. So say if i go to look at it tomorrow and it looks all good, I take it back to wagga and get a Blue Slip and that should be fine? what happens from there?
  11. Yes thats correct.

    Seriously, we don't mind helping out with info etc, but for fark sake you have an internet connection, please feel free to utilise it for other than asking questions.

    The NSW RTA has an extensive website, that outlines all the requirements for transfering an interstate registered vehicle.

    Start thinking for yourself and helping yourself, we don't need to sit here and type 30 mins of info you could look up yourself in 30 seconds.

  12. :p yeah i should of known! thanks though for the info i do appreciate it.
  13. Done it twice now, simple, hardly take 30 mins to type it out :roll:

    Firstly, I don't think there are bike shops that do Blue Slips :? But if there are - as Tweet said, don't go there.

    Same as for a pink slip, but they also have to check engine and VIN number to rego papers and write up part of a Tranfer Rego form of details fo the vehicle.

    Take it all down to RTA with Green Slip, pay, pay, pay and they will send plates back to Vic for you and you get rego refund
  14. :rofl: :rofl: TWEET

    PSSST .. Dont laugh too loud, it wont be my fault this time if u wake e1 up
  15. Almost every new bike dealer will be an AUVIS, unless they are situated very close to one who does all their new vehicle rego's for them, or they can't get approval, like Actions City..