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roadworthy certificate and buying used

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by black666, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. yes - should be a tidy bike

  2. no - could still have major issues lurking

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  3. better than without ...

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  1. hey guys - just wondering what others opinions are of the value of a roadworthy cert in buying a used bike? we dont have them here in S.A and im interested in what is involved in the checkup. obviously they represent that the bike is to a certain standard but i can imagine with older bikes (imports expecially) there could still be hidden problems ? :? (is a compression check part of the test?)

  2. cheers - should have figured it was online :roll: :LOL:
  3. When i got declined a RWC due to crappy brakes, witch is currently a work in progress, the mechanic said i should probably get my engine checked, but the engine itself is not a road worth item.
  4. My recent pink slip check consisted of a blinker check, tread depth on tyres and a quick look at the front pad.

    Also, both my local bike shops are not authorised to do them so the bike was checked by a car mechanic.

    Not worth the paper it's printed on imho.
  5. When taken to those shops they aint :roll:
    Unfortunately there are RWCS, then RWCS :roll:

    Basically comes down to the person issueing them.
  6. When I got a roadworthy/safety certificate, I found they wanted a bunch of stuff including front disks, chain, sprockets, pads. I checked all those and they were just within spec, but the workshop disagreed. :roll:

    They don't check the engine, although it has to be running fine to do the test.

    IMO get a bike with a RWC. Even if you think all the stuff checks out, it might not.
  7. not worth the paper its written on. actually its worth about $88 ...cause thats what it save you having to get one yourself

    and yes im talking from experience. but some issuers are good (the ones ive gone to) cause they have made me fix up tonnes of stuff that other inspectors have missed out
  8. IMO it's best to regard a RWC certificate as being one less bit of paper that you need to get for VicRoads and not as any sort of mechanical reliability statement.

    After all the RWC regs aren't about checking for reliability they are a snapshot of whether the bike was legal to ride (at the moment of inspection) or not.

    Something can be legal to ride but still have major repairs needed.
  9. A couple of years ago one shop failed a bike of mine because the engine was a bit rattly (amongst a few other non existant problems).

    Thanks Brighton Bikes and Bits, I know where I wont be spending any money again. :mad:

    I took it elsewhere and apart from the genuine items it needed it passed first go.
  10. Its an expensive piece of paper.
    Useful for getting rego/transfer though :D

    Dont mean shit about the bike though.