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Roadwork Speed Limits - Is This Some Common Sense??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by joetdm, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Thought this was obvious!

    Roadwork Speed Limits - Herald Sun

    Oops, just wondering, can I change the typo in the thread title?? {no, it's one of the "features" of vbulletin. Done it for ya. Rob}
    Often happens when on the laptop... :(
  2. Re: Roadword Speed Limits - Is This Some Commone Sence??

    I wonder if they'd actually take any notice.
  3. Re: Roadword Speed Limits - Is This Some Commone Sence??

    Better still, would the plod look at the situation before booking someone?
    I'm sure the roadside camera's would just go ka-ching ka-ching.
  4. Re: Roadword Speed Limits - Is This Some Commone Sence??

    Time for some 'devil's advocate' action. ;)

    I guess it depends on two things, really:
    (1) Is the reduced speed to protect the workers?
    (2) Is the reduced speed to protect drivers from a missing shoulder, a change from divided-road to contraflow, a huge ****off roadplate that hasn't been blended into the road yet?

    It makes sense that if the reduced speed limit is to reduce risk to workers, then when the workers are not present the speed limit can be returned to normal.

    But for situations where the spacious emergency-lane has been replaced by a water barrier right beside the road, or there's a 12" deep pit and other increased-risk shenanigans like exposed roadplates and the like, it would make sense that the reduced speed limit should still apply.

    IMHO, most of the "hurr durrr roadworks speed limit but nobody's working omg wtf hurr durr" rants I've heard have been regarding the latter case. If a car encounters an exposed pit, and no roadworkers are around to see it... does it still fall in?

    /end devil's-advocate
  5. Re: Roadword Speed Limits - Is This Some Commone Sence??

    Honestly, if people can't handle these situations (with the exception of the road plate), they shouldn't be on the road. It's like the westgate bridge… what sort of no talent rectal leak can't handle 100km/h across there?
  6. Re: Roadwork Speed Limits - Is This Some Commone Sence??

    "Under new guidelines to come into force on September 1, roadworks speed limits can be no more than 20km/h below the normal limit, barring exceptional circumstances."

    Sounds quite reasonable to me. Exceptional circumstances can cover increased risk to road users if it is genuine.

    "Australian Workers’ Union Victorian secretary Cesar Melhem said more respect for speed limits would mean a safer workplace.

    “We hear stories from our members every day of incidents and near-misses that could, and sometimes do have serious consequences,” Mr Melhem said.

    Well, drivers won't respect idiotic or irrelevant limits, so if the road crew play their part and remove them when not required, maybe more drivers will comply.
  7. Re: Roadwork Speed Limits - Is This Some Commone Sence??

    /continue devil's advocate. ;)

    It's not without precedence, though - In general terms, speedlimits are assigned based on certain road design criteria such as the presence of emergency lanes or a hard shoulder, whether the road is divided or not, how much traffic uses it, quality and condition of the road surface, guardrails, etc.

    For example, contraflow or undivided sections of the Hume Highway drop back to 100kph while the divided-road parts are 110kph, and so on even though it is one continuous piece of highway.

    There is a method to the madness.

    /end devil's advocate. ;)
  8. Re: Roadwork Speed Limits - Is This Some Commone Sence??

    ...Not to mention ability for revenue collections...
  9. Re: Roadwork Speed Limits - Is This Some Commone Sence??

    Speed cameras aside, which I've never seen in a construction zone - I don't know of a single police officer engaged in revenue raising. I know quite a few cops and the cops could not care LESS about how much money the fines they issue make for the state.

    There may be some pressure from above to issue more tickets, but it's in the form of "Every time I go driving I see at least 10 idiots on the road, so either you're blind or being too lenient".

    Even the really unpopular things like ticketing jaywalking (and I myself can safely cross a street without waiting for the lights, thankyouverymuch), are done with the intention of creating public safety. I don't necessarily agree with the nanny-state mentality, but it's certainly not revenue raising.
  10. Re: Roadwork Speed Limits - Is This Some Commone Sence??

    What country do you live in...you clearly don't live in Australia...
  11. Re: Roadwork Speed Limits - Is This Some Commone Sence??

    More panic from the Brumby ALP State Government.

    Notice the quote by Tim Pallas. Has he been reading the Netrider threads?

    “Motorists who see inappropriate speed zones have been asked to report them to VicRoads on 131170.”

    I’ll report an inappropriate speed limit. The Reefton Spur!
  12. Re: Roadwork Speed Limits - Is This Some Commone Sence??

    Did you report the Spur to the number? What did they say?
  13. Re: Roadwork Speed Limits - Is This Some Commone Sence??

    Hahahah brilliant =D>
  14. Re: Roadwork Speed Limits - Is This Some Commone Sence??

    That's the point - it's the australian WAY to not give two shits about the government. You show me ANY australian that wants to raise revenue from speeding tickets and you'll be showing me a politician - but you sure won't be showing me a cop :p

    Even the speed cameras operators just go where they're told, sit in the car reading the newspaper, and couldn't give a rats arse how many times the cameras flashes. So long as they get their paycheque at the end of the week (which is not tied to how many tickets are issued), they're not going to care.

    When the time comes that pay becomes based on infringements issues, THEN the cops and speed cameras operators will care. But until then, money talks and bullshit walks :p
  15. Re: Roadwork Speed Limits - Is This Some Commone Sence??

    Currently fighting this one via email but I will phone for the hell of it just to see what they say.

    I wonder what would happen if they received over one thousand calls for the Reefton Spur.
  16. They'd probably argue if you can afford to call them 1000 times you can afford the speeding fine ;)
  17. Oh my god.. i wonder if we could convince Western Australia's Govt to do the same?!

    PLEASE? On one long route to a nearby city there was signs up, 50KMPH (in a 110KM zone!) .. for about 5KM. Was NOT good. and noone was there..

    Yeah. we didnt slow down, assholes.

    Would be nice to see this sort of thing enforced in WA, because its all too frequent, Weve been slowed at roadworks, at near MIDNIGHT, because they left the signs up.. and we couldnt speed though (driver was a bit of a nancy).

    Please lets see WA bring this law in too!
  18. Roadworks on the Princes Freeway (WRB installation, just to rub it in) has 40 km/h speed limits where it's 100 km/h or 110 km/h. However, despite me slowing to the limit I had drivers scream by, some giving me dirty looks.

    The same contractors appear to be guilty of what these new regs are about - too low speed limits (unless this is one of those "special circumstances"), and no "end roadworks" signs to indicate resumption of normal speed. And of course, signs left up because the nuff-nuffs are too lazy to retrieve them at the end of the working day.

    This is all around the Garfield area (about an hour east of MEL).
  19. I hope NSW copies this soon..

    Obviously in some areas due to the construction there might be debris or changed lanes etc. which require a lower speed, but theres plenty of places where the speed should be the same without workers around.

    Theres an annoying road works section leading onto the eastern distrib heading towards the city from middle cove, 40 roadworks zone - through the freeway 'onramp' merge lane. Meaning you have to go from 40 to 80 whilst trying to merge onto a busy freeway (speed limit 80 but most people going 90) at the same time. Pure lack of forethought..
  20. My favour is the M4 out near Penrth,the speed gets dropped from 110 to 40 when the grass getts mowed,behind a guard rail and 10m from the road.I am guessing its because they park there car in the brakedown lane.