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Roadwin F4 knocked over Lonsdale St

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dryfter, May 3, 2014.

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    I pulled up to park on Lonsdale St, Melbourne, next to a knocked-over white Roadwin F4 250. Apparently a car had backed into it and then driven away moments before. Another motorcyclist was already there, and we picked the bike up.

    I wasn't there at the time of the accident, but another guy was, and left a note on the bike with the rego details of the hit and run car YYP398

    I don't know if that note will have survived the wind and rains though, so I thought I'd post here.. If that was your bike, get in touch as I have some details of the witness I can pass along.
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  2. Are you sure it didn't just blow over? One of these must only weigh about 25kg
  3. The other guy SAW a car back right into it, so, no it didn't just blow over.
  4. Scenario. Guy backs into motorcycle and knocks it over. Guy goes and parks somewhere else, comes back and claims to.be witness?
  5. That seems.. a bit paranoid? What's more likely, someone backs into a bike and drives off.. or someone backs into a bike, drives off, fetches their motorcycle conveniently parked around the corner, changes into riding gear, and rides back - within a few minutes - so as play false witness?
  6. Forget it. I was under the impression another car driver saw it not the motorcyclist that was there also. If you had have said 'i wasn't there but the other motorcyclist was' I would have understood.
  7. Blimey.............. this is better than Underbelly
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