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RoadTube... Vent your spleen!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by fekkinell, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. NRMA invites road rage rants on new site

    Motorists queue to vent their road rage at a RoadTube "toll booth".

    Motorists queue to vent their road rage at a RoadTube "toll booth".
    Asher Moses
    March 24, 2009 - 11:59AM

    Australians who are sick of road congestion, high petrol prices and astronomical tolls are being invited by the NRMA to vent their road rage on a new site, RoadTube.com.au.

    The motorists' association is touring NSW with webcam-equipped "toll booths" that punters can use to record short video feedback messages that are posted directly to the website.

    People can also contribute to the site from home by recording their own clips or writing blog posts to be published on the site.

    NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury said more than 120 videos and 120 written messages had been added to the site since it was launched last Monday, and these were expected to ramp up once the association has the chance to promote it to its 2.1 million members.

    He said RoadTube would not be an echo chamber and suggestions published on the site would be passed on to politicians.

    "We'll be contacting the Government and Opposition and ensuring that they see this as a tool for them," Khoury said.

    "If somebody from Batemans Bay comes on and says something interesting about a local road, we'll send a link to the local MP."

    NSW Roads Minister Michael Daley said: "Talking to the community is [an] essential part of my job as Roads Minister and I have the RTA to investigate all sensible, practical ideas put forward to me by members of the public."

    The toll booths have already been stationed in Sydney's Wynyard Park and Rouse Hill Shopping Centre. On Friday, between 7.30am and 3pm, booths will be set up at Church Street Mall in Paramatta, before moving on to Martin Place on April 16, Coffs Harbour on April 23 and Dubbo on April 28.

    Venting road rage and complaints in the booths may discourage people from acting up on the roads.

    In 2007, 118 people were found guilty of either predatory or menacing driving, the most serious driving offences that can attract jail sentences of up to five years.

    According to figures from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, 146 people were convicted the year before.

    In an introductory message on the RoadTube site, Wendy Machin, president of the NRMA, suggested some initial topics: time of day tolling on the harbour bridge, Pacific Highway funding cuts, the price of petrol and commentary around the fact that you can successfully contest a speeding fine but don't get demerit points back.

    Among the video comments posted so far, road congestion, petrol prices and tolls attracted scores of complaints.

    Luke rants about faulty e-tags, saying motorists are charged an administrative fee every time they don't work. He says cameras are the better option as they are always accurate.

    Julian wants more roving ticket sellers and machines so people can more easily buy tickets before catching public transport.

    Delphime says buses and trains here are far more expensive than in Europe but are often late.

    "It's not just people having a rant," Khoury said.

    "These are people who experience motoring and public transport every single day and they know there are problems and they want solutions."

    - with Georgina Robinson

  2. Ugh... 'humanity'.

    Watch some of those videos!
    -"I don't like paying tolls."
    -"Petrol is too expensive."
    -"Peak hour traffic makes it hard for me to get home after work."
    :arrow: "Something should be done about this."

    Like what? Offer suggestions you wastes of space.
    Most of those videos do nothing but discredit the whole idea as a mouthpiece for people who have no idea what they are talking about.
  3. maybe chemical sterilisation is a good path for the future...
  4. Judging by the amount of idiots out there, it should have been put into place a very long time ago...
  5. And what precisely is a series of videos of knuckle dragging morons going to achieve? :roll:

    It'll only provide further confirmirmation of what governments already believe...

    That most voters are idiots and they can get away with whatever they want. Mind you, the NRMA is just as bad. Instead of culling the idiot videos and only putting up the very few sensible comments - they've allowed the sensible stuff to be swamped by a load of cretins... :?

    No - they'll see it as a whole bunch of tools... :LOL:
  6. I'm mounting a camera to my helmet and will post my trips to uni to show how many people sit on the phone and how terribly they drive whilst on the phone.
  7. Fixed...for all your venting needs.
  8. :rofl:

    and don't forget to clear your cash so nosy girlfriends or wives don't find any evidence of the vent! :-w :dance: