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Roadtrip: Melb to Syd up the coast, 9th-15th jan

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. ok guys its time!
    im sick of work n all that crap, and havent had any holidays since Easter, so im packin up n hitting the road! :grin:
    ages ago i promised a mate i'll come to her 18th in syd, and it looks like im being held to my word hahaha. it also gives me the chance to visit alot of other friends, and just have a break in general.

    the proposed route is here, although this is simply what google came up with, i will be editing the route here and there, and on the run too. all suggestions are welcome and wanted :)

    at the moment its up the coast, with a mate possibly riding to Bairnsdale with me. i aim to rest overnight somewhere between Eden and Batemans Bay, but i need your help. then from there to sydney, stay for a few days or so, ride everywhere, have fun and relax. then head home via inland, aiming for the whole trip in one day, unless i have time for two, someone wants to offer me a roof over my head there too.

    and if anyone wants to join me for a leg, or meet up at the midway rest, or in sydney, just give me a yell!

    my bike is almost due for a service, but if i cant get it in time i'll do it after. hopefully i'll have my screen/bikini, and rear hugger from santa before the trip :grin:

    wow i really should have organised this sooner :LOL:
  2. Recommend this place...but being school holidays..don't know what your chances are.www.tathrabeachtouristpark.com.au/index.html

    Deviations,,,from the Princes Hwy..Mt Darragh Rd to Bombala then back down Brown Mountain to Bega and onto Tathra. Leave Tathra going north via Bermagui..great little run.
  3. Tathra will be wall-to-wall with Victorians; indeed it almost certainly already is.

    Chez Hornet is warm and comfortable, with garage and carport and lots of bike talk, PM me if you want to bomb in......
  4. hey mate you ride a vtr250 right?? are you worried about getting blown off the thing for all that time?

    i only ask cause as much as i'd love to do a similar thing over this coming break, at anything over 70-ish on the bike it gets quite tiring just leaning against the wind etc

    just interested to hear your thoughts about it??
  5. stay at MOGO!!!
    everyone says they'll stop in, but apparently im some wolf-creek weirdo or somfin.... *shrug*
    i promise there is food, beer and/or coffee/tea and a comfy bed with two kids itching to drive you nuts.
    either way, you MUST at least stop in :grin:
  6. lol joel, ur 1 of the peopl i plan on visiting :grin:
    n considering im holding my word riding to sydney for an 18th, droppin by urs is no worries :p
    i u dont mind, then ill probably take u up on the offer of a bed, as long as ur not joining me in it :wink:

    Smidge: nah mate, i have no problems in the wind. i dont know what everyone is talking about :? sure the bike sways around the road with crosswinds, but doesnt every bike? im used to it with the pushbike anyway. just ride, and lean to adjust. stay relaxed n ur fine!
    im hoping to have a screen n half bikini delivered and installed before i head off, that might help a teeny bit hahaha.

    cheers for the detour, GG. looks pretty damn awesome! actually, almost every main road inland in the ranges looks like hours of fun :twisted:

    Hornet, i should be able to stop in for achatn a drink on the second leg, i'll have plenty of time i think :grin:

    im really looking forward to this :)
  7. i'll do my best, not to hop in with you!
    consider yourself PM'd with address and contact info :)

  8. aV3smutr.

    :shock: :shock:
  9. hey nibor! I'm heading over to the north island soon, leaving melbourne for canberra/sydney on the 8th. should combine some parts if you're up for it.
  10. id be d'lighted to join you :p :LOL:
    have you got a tour plan posted up? or what routes are you thinking of taking? coz im pretty set on going up via the coast.
    ...just read ur myspace message. oh fiiiine. its on that forum is it? :p i'll check it out and get back to you!

    and cheers Joel!

    LMAO VCM. dont make this any worse than its going to be :p :grin:
  11. ok ive kind of sorted some things out :LOL:
    im departing on wednesday the 9th, riding up the coast to somewhere between merimbula and batemans bay (Mogo if Joel is happy to put up with me :p), and crashing for the night.

    from there i'll scoot up the coast again, possibly taking some inland detours depending where i finished the night before. i think i will be aiming for mates in Woy Woy, unless a sydneysider wants to put me up for the night.

    then off to friends in sydney, bbq's and parties to be had, fun till a monday departure, where i'll be heading home (somehow... im yet to work out this part, other than it will be on a bike :shock: :cool:)

    caaant wait! :grin:

    would be nice if i could find the tent tho lol! :?
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