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Roadstar Handlebars

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Seamus, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. Hello,

    Does anyone know the rise, pullback and width of the Roadstar Beachbar-style handlebars?

    I think they are 1.25" thick, but not sure of the other dimensions.

    I'm comparing them to the White Bros. Longhorn and Beachbars.

    I was also wondering if anyone knows there I can get the Raodie Handlebars cheaper than from Yamaha?

    Thank you. :)
  2. 980mm wide and bloody comfy! :p I don't know the rest - its dark now, but I'll go out with a tape measure in the morning and get back to you. Anything for a fellow Roadie rider!
  3. Thanks Voyager, :)

    Dummy that I am, I found some dimensions in a Yamaha parts and accessories book. The dimensions are: 3-5/8", 12" pullback, 33-5/8" width. Still not sure on thickness/diameter though, but from looking at its photo in the parts and accessories book - which also shows a 1-1/4" Double "T" Fat Bar - I think they are the standard 1".

    Oh decisions, decisions. :) On the verge of hitting the "Proceed to Checkout" button at the Yamaha Cucamonga site. :)
  4. I measured mine with a tape, but how accurate it is I don't know. I tried for the linear measures rather than along the bars themselves.

    840mm bar end to bar end, include the mirrors/levers and we stretch to 980mm. 140mm rise from the clamp to the peak height of the bar. 300mm distance between the clamp and the bar end.

    Those Double-T fats look cool - I was going to get a set myself, but I'm actually quite comfortable with the ones I have.
  5. I just measured the stock bars on my bike and the pullback was about 12" (30mm) and from end to end it was about 34" (855mm) across. Not sure what the rise was.

    Just rang up a local bike shop and the guy reckons I should just leave it alone, hehe. :)