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Roadside help?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Danzotron, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    Bit stuck, got my bike out, was about to take off home from the girlfriends, and I think the throttle cable snapped? The throttle just doesnt do anything now, and just twists around freely until it stops. I really need my bike operational, and with nothing being open today I guess I will have to find another way to work, as my bike is my only form of transport. Does anyone know of any dealers or roadside assistance I can get for my bike tomorrow (2/01/09). It's a ZZR250.



  2. RACV member?

    You should be....... :wink:
  3. Shops might be open tomorrow.
  4. Why? They won't fix it on the spot. And what is the point of me getting towed, when I can call a dealer for help and then they can come down with their ute and pick me up once they open up tomorrow?

    RACV would be good if I had a car, since they can fix most common problems on the spot.. but for a bike, I find it would be kinda useless to get towed, and to get it towed back to mornington would be pretty expensive. I guess my opinion would change if I had no other option and was stuck on the side of the road. But I'm stuck at home.
  5. This time..........

    RACV is like insurance, you don't necessarily get it because of your needs today. :wink:

    And how do you know they couldn't fix it, or at least patch it for you? They may carry cable joiners, given it probably one of the most common problems to happen to a bike on the road.........
  6. Well, I spoke to a lady on the phone, she informed me that it would most definitely be a tow job. As apparently they don't have many, if any mechanics well versed in motorcycles..?
  7. Most of the roadside guys would have a go at fixing it for you even if they're not familiar with bikes. I had one fix my chain once when it fell off.
    On the other hand, the time I broke my brake lever was a tow job, and the towing contractor offered me a job which I'm still doing a year later, so my RAC membership paid off.
  8. Depending on the bike replace the throttle cable with the return cable if its carbied and of ya go :grin: .Failing that disconect your rear brake and attach throttle cable,use as foot throttle.If you do this it is dangerouus if you dont concentrate and remember not to use the rear brake.Other than that a mate with a ute or ya stuffed
  9. Disconnect the throttle cable - it's quite easy - and you should easily get a new one tomorrow and it will be easy to fit.
  10. Thanks very kindly for the replies guys. I will see if I can replace it myself, though I am pretty retarded with things mechanical. Also, it's stuck at my girlfriends so I don't have any tools! I'll see what happens I guess.

  11. If she's worth keeping she should be pushing you all the way home mate :LOL:
  12. [​IMG]

  13. Haha, I guess! Not if you knew how far away I lived from her though :p

    She did drop me off to work at 5am in the morning this morning though, which was nice. Anyways, gonna see if Raceway Suzuki which is nearby her place will help me out, which I'm sure they will, assuming they are open!
  14. I can help with a lift or mech help if Raceway can't
    Race replica Kwak is open today,

    I'm local (Sunshine) to Raceway.

    I'm available today till about 4pm.


    Call me if I can help I've PM'd my contacts.........
  15. Don't think so. Went past earlier this week and they were shut :cry: