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Roadside Assitance??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ferret, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. Can anyone suggest/recommend companies that do roadside assistance for bikes and cars. :?:

    i have also heard of companies that provide assistance to the regestered person, not just a particular vehicle. therefore whichever vehcile your a driving/riding at the time and it packs it in they come out and help. great if you have a couple of bikes/cars or even travelling with friends and their vehcile decides to spit the dummy!!! :(
  2. Since you've got a honda, give HRCA a call. $55 a year. They only do Honda's though.
  3. RACV in Vic and I'd assume NMRA have a similiar service.
  4. Iam with RACQ in qld, most services are for a car, but up here if you get "ultra care" eg top of the line cover, you are covered for all vehicles that you drive (inluding my bike), plus anybody in the nominated vehicles (I think you may be restricted to one vehicle though).
  5. This topic just jogged my memory to organise roadside assistance.

    I rang NRMA and to add a bike to my membership untill may (i currently have 1 car on it) it will be $55, so im guessing about $80 a year. This is only classic cover which includes only 20km radius of towing and $4.40 per km after that. They said with bikes they attend that 9 out of 10 get towed.

    Im not really very happy with the value (price for what you get) of this and will probably give HRCA a call before i pay NRMA to see if its any better.
  6. Ducati offer two years Roadside Asssistance and use Mondial Assistance to deliver it. I haven't used them, but they look like a viable business from their web page. :)


    Standard assistance ~ $59 /year
    Premium assistance ~ $90 /year

    Of course, like all the others, the actual assistance described seems pretty basic, but it does get you and your bike off the side of the road.

    It's one company covering all of Australia, so it may have some advantage over the RACV, NRMA, etc., which are basically state based with agreements with providers in other states. Okay, they probably all use the same feet on the ground anyway. Magnetic stick on company logos work great on tow trucks. :grin:

  7. I use RACV assistance, I only ever need to use them when I had received a flat tyre (which has been 2 in last 2 years)
  8. If ur a member of motorcycle australia you get roadside assistance + other benifits. $63 yr.

  9. RAC here in WA have Ultimate cover that covers both your main vehicle no matter who is driving it plus it covers you no matter what car/bike your driving.
  10. Ducati only offer the roadside assistance to new bikes. They still haven't gotten around to offering it to all ducati's as they originally promised.

    I could be wrong, last time I checked was 6 months ago.
  11. +1 to what he said, I've never had anything less than the Classic cover (there's three levels, Standard, Classic and Ultimate) and Ultimate covering me personally works a charm now that I'll be swapping between the car and bike. I even called the roadside team-leaders to confirm that yes they will assist a bike (though they're chiefly car mechanics, so less chance of getting repaired on the road, but they'll always sort out a tow :)).
  12. Yep, that's what I understand as well. My point, however, was that you can buy Roadside Assistance from them directly, at competitive rates from what I have seen.

    The Motorcycling Australia membership benefits look worthwhile as well.
  13. RACV Total care covers cars and bikes
  14. chatting with nrma they say they do assist motorcycles but......... (there is always a but) not all the mechanics are familiar with bikes and the tow truck must have specific gear to tow it and typical as it may be the two will probably coincide.

    as for cost its a joke $80 something per vehicle with a $50 something joining fee for the basic cover. and it only covers the vehcile not the person. so 2 bikes and a car would cost approx $400 in the first year. no package deals like the RACV - you victorians have got it good!!!
  15. :shock: Yep we have by looking at that wow it is way over priced :shock:
  16. Do you mean free roadside assistance or just 10% discount on the cost of roadside rescue?
  17. go into ure nearest 'sydney city motorcycles' they have business cards of guys who own vans that pick up the bike and transport it to the hospital of ur choice.

    i always kept a card on me. unfortunately my bike was turned into a cube.
    monty burns 'is it about my cube?'
  18. they would change a bit i assume - they has to be companies that have roadside assistance in nsw for bikes and cars. a single tow i would assume would be a minimum of a couple hundred bucks, where most roadside services are $50-$60 per vehcile per year.

    it's hard to find info on Motorcycle association website roadside assistance (access is for members only) and it looks like it is only a discount (10%).

    NRMA can't guarentee being able to assist a bike.

    And it is ok if you own a honda but i am sure.... correct me if i am wrong :-k ..... there is more makes in nsw than just honda

    what are us new south welshman (or women) suppose to do to get roadside assistance - move to victoria!!!
  19. Correct, 10% discount only. The roadside assistance is provided by a motorcycle carrier based in Syd.

    My ANZ Gold Credit card (that I used to have) included road-side assistance for free. It was to me, so covered anything I was driving/riding at the time I called them.
  20. yeah, unfortunately ANZ were losing money so they have removed that service. i have contacted the providers and they are in the motions of dealing direct with the public rather than through other companies eg ANZ. some info should be available in the comming weeks but it does not look like it will be personal assistance, you will have to purchase cover for each vehicle. no details though how the will deal with bikes. it appears it may be vertually the only service in nsw besides nrma. that can't be right.

    what roadside assistance cover does anyone in nsw have beside through Honda?? if you are through the nrma how have your experiences been when needing assitance with the motorbike. have there been problems with nrma provide bike mechanics or bike towies??