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Roadside assitance

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Dude, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Me and my other half are curently planning a big trip at the end of the year from Broome to perth and back but my better half wants some some insurance for some piece mind, any suggestions guys? thanks

  2. i dont have a bike yet but i was looking at the honda website and they have roadside assistance starting from $55 a year. I think NRMA also offers it.
  3. Honda Roadside Assist Gold package costs $99 but gives heaps of features, that's what I'd be doing if I was doing such a major trip.

    {Which reminds me, I must renew mine :oops:}
  4. hrc do they have an age restiction for older bikes and other make models as well?
  5. I've heard a bad story regarding RACV: someone I know tried to use it in the evening when stranded about an hour from home. On arrival, the RACV guy said: "we don't fix bikes" and was told they've got 8km of towing available - where would they like to go?

    Fantastic service I thought, given at 8pm there's no mechanics around, let alone a bike shop that could fix the problem. Waste of money, if you ask me.
  6. Here's the PDS and application page, I can't find anything there about the age of the bike (mine's a 1998 and it's covered) the only thing that might effect it is that they ask for a mileage (kilometrage??) figure when you apply.

  7. Thanks for the info hornet
  8. RACV's minimum package, the 'motorcycle care' offers 8 calls per year, 20km's metro towing or 120km country towing, $50(max) Taxi to get you to your destination, petrol to the nearest petrol station, use of RACV mobile phone, locksmith up to $100, ambulance costs to $150 if you need it after an accident
    If you are more than 100km from home and they can't get the bike started you're entitled to up to 4 nights accom and 4 days car hire.
  9. Best way to do it is go for the RACV Total Care package. You nominate a car on it, so anyone driving that car is covered, but the person whose name it's under is covered for any vehicle they're driving/riding.

    It gives unlimited free kms towing in metro areas, as well as benefits such as hire car and/or accomodation if you're more than 100kms from home. There's also a vehicle recovery service if the vehicle cannot be repaired where it is or if it would take too long to repair.

    Ask Moike about it as he has had cause to use the benefits in the Total Care package in the past.
  10. does RACV covers bikes in wa?
  11. roadside assitance!!!!

    what the best package to go for if you want all round cover and who with?
    I am planning on moving to WA soon and dont have any roadside cover.. and Im gona be riding my bike over too.
  12. Best to give them a call, but if they're covering your bike in Vic they should be able to provide service in WA, only it'll be the RACWA (or their contractors) who come out to you. If you're claiming extended benefits (accommodation, car hire etc) my understanding is that because you're not in your home state unfortunately you have to cough up the cash but then can claim it back from RACV.

    Best to check with THEM before you leave though, I'm only a lowly RACWA drone and you don't want to find that they're not interested :p
  13. Depends on the extended benefit. Some may need to be reimbursed, others are organised through the RACV themselves. Always best, as jokerWA says, to call the RACV first before shelling out for anything as there are many things that the RACV would ring around and organise for you and sort out payment directly to the 3rd party.
  14. So if l have total care car cover...am l covered with my bike as well?
  15. Yup,'Got the NRMA one...$143...bike's been faultless ever since...
  16. Yes, provided the membership is under your name. You have to be the rider to get the cover.

    You won't get any mechanical help at the roadside, except for petrol or air in the tyres. But the towing side of it can be very handy. Plus you can get taxi coverage if the bike has been towed somewhere.
  17. Motorcycle australia has membership that includes roadside insurance.
    Visit the website. www.ma.org.au
  18. Yep. Total Care can be good value. It gives Australia-wide get-you-home coverge. Accommodation if necessary. They have helpful staff to organise stuff for you. When my bike died at the GP they offered me accommodation nd transport, but it was easier for me to get a lift with a mate.
    We are about to buy a campervan and drive it around a fair bit of the country. As long as I am driving it, it's covered.
    Total care works really well if a couple have two or three vehicles and one person only ever drives one of them.

    Oh, and it costs less than just getting the equivalent cover for a bike.
  19. RACV total care is a total bargain when you consider the other options. Especially If you do a lot of country k,s. and lets face it,most of us who ride-do.I used to have "middle" care,coz I do a lot of skiing and thought it covered me.One day a gave a couple a lift who,s car had broken down on Mt Hotham,they also had middle coverage,237bucks :shock: ,just to get it off the mountain.Upon inquiry I found that total care was the way to go,160odd I think a year,oz wide,didnt used to do bikes but now do,like someone said,if you breakdown more than 100k from Melbourne and they cant fix it,you get a hotel,if they still cant fix it you get a car,if youre with someone in their car and you breakdown,you still get all the benifits as I understand it.Hotel room alone,for 1 night,for 2 people,almost covers the cost of the membership,let alone the unlimited towing-know another guy who got towed back coming back from Hotham,to Mt Evelyn,for nights-all part of the deal,and those tow trucks guys charge like a wounded bull,nuff to make you want to :cry: .Would thoroughly recommend :dance: it to anyone who does the k,s.
  20. I think RACV total cover is awesome.

    I got cover on my 4WD, so it covers me on my my bike and any other car / bike i ride. And anyone driving my car.