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Roadside Assistance

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. How many people have roadside assist?
    Who with?
    How much do you pay?

  2. Don't have it yet Vic but inquired about it. The girl at NRMA said it was the same as that for a car, about $70p.a.
    She said they would come
    - Bring you fuel (great since i've got a firestorm)
    - Pick your bike up and tow it if it was cactus.
    - or give you a jump :?: if you needed it

    Not much else they could do since they are primarily car mech's
  3. Hi Vic

    I have Honda Roadside Assist Gold

    It costs $55

    Haven't had to use it so far.
  4. RACV: $66. Just ordered it today. $160 and I can have unlimited vehicles (I think she said that) so I can do my car as well but it only does 4000-5000KMS a year.
    Hasn't broken down in 6 years.. *touch wood*
  5. Have racv total care - about 160/170 per year.covers any vehicle/bike you happen to be driving.plus heaps of other benifits. ahve used about 3 times in last 6 months to get my/girlfriends car towed home and that inc taxi to getkids home out of rain great service so far
  6. Honda for me as well ($55).
  7. Yup same as Ashes HRA
  8. RACT Roadside Ultimate, covers member, not vehicle so any vehicle your using when you get in trouble is looked after.

    Has masses of cover.. see here http://www.ract.com.au/drawpage.cgi?task=DRAW&s=2&ss=204

    $120 year, discounts for extra family members.... now I just gotta check up if they actually do cover bikes :shock:

  9. On the bike I've got Honda Rider Assist Platium, $99 a year

    On the cage I've got the Holden coverage you get when you buy a new car but that should be running out soon (probably this month actually)
  10. Vic asks the question because Netrider is currently in discussions with a national provider to create a Netrider Roadside Assistance product for our bikes. Our current thinking is that it will be available as either a stand alone product to any and all Australian riders, as well as being within an 'upgraded' or 'gold' level type membership with Netrider.

    The product will offer services that includes 24/7 roadside assistance on a 1800/1300 number throughout all of Australia, technical advice and minor roadside repairs, 10 ltrs emergency fuel, callout to home or roadside, urgent message relay, 8km free metro towing, and 20km free country towing. The pricing point for the product will be such that we are cheaper than comparative products from RACV/NRMA/RACQ etc (eg. $66pa), as well as cheaper than comparative product from HRCA and other marquee specific products (eg. $55pa). It will be for Australian riders regardless of what type of bike they ride, who makes it, or how old it is.

    Our only challenge to making this occur and active is an initial commitment from a minimum number of riders to make it viable for ourselves and the service provider.

    Your thoughts on this and importantly whether you would definately commit to purchasing the product will certainly help us in gauging if it would be viable to email our 2,000+ membership base throughout Australia and seek their commitment in reaching the minimum number of riders required.

    Sorry, but at this time I cannot reveal the exact pricing for our product or the minimum number we require.
  11. It's a nice idea but I can't commit unless I know who the national provider is. Don't want to pay for a no name organization to look after my bike.

    Would be like buying a no name brand from the supermarket when you can get a reputable name brand for the same price.
  12. I like the idea, commitment will come with the detail availability.
  13. If the provider's a reputable one then probably be good but 8km city towing, might struggle to get my bike anywhere, I travel 35km to work (one direction only) and not sure if there are any bike mechs within 8km at certain points along route. Might be better if it was something like 20km city and 50km country.
  14. I'll definitely be purchasing a roadside assistance package from someone once I upgrade from the CB250 in a couple of months (planning longer trips/more km's), so I'd be happy to support the Netrider package, as long as it provided good value.
  15. FYI Admins, got the debug error when posting the above message.
  16. As I said to Jason last night, it's just a matter of details; How much and what do you get? I think it's a solid idea and if the package matches or exceed the services provided by other road side assistance providers then I'd willing to pay for it.

    I need to sign with someone for the peace of mind so sooner the better admins :) !.
  17. My roadside assistance came free with the bike for the first 2 years. Since it's brand new I doubt that I need it in that time.
  18. I use RACV Motorcycle Care $66 pa
    its basic..pickup & towing, cupla litres of fuel
    max 4 callouts a year PLUS FREE membership card... :p

    never had to use it but its peace of mind

    my only gripe is..... with 3 cars also in the car Roadside Assist
    they won't do a package deal..... bloody annoying that :evil:
  19. ismith, you should look into total care. it's the most expensive racv option at around $160 but it covers the driver no just the car. so what you can do is put a partners car on your membership which means that car is covered plus any car you are driving is also covered. hence why you don't need to put your car on the membership. am not positive though if it also covers you if you are on a bike. don't see why it shouldn't but from memory it says covers what ever vehicle you are driving so maybe just call em and find out.