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Roadside Assistance: Who do you use?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Lazy Libran, Aug 17, 2015.

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    Hi guys,

    Just want to know what/who you guys use for your Motorbikes? I've heard a lot about RACV Total Care but are there are any others in the market?

    For usual breakdowns/punctures etc etc? Looks like all of the insurance companies are in it such as Allianz, Budget Direct etc but do they look after bikes in emergency roadside assist?

    Please advise.


    EDITED: This is related to Motorbike Roadside assistance ONLY.
  2. Just saw this on Allianz : Roadside Assistance in Melbourne & Victoria - Allianz Australia

    If you’re off the road in Victoria, we’re on it

    Last year our mobile mechanics provided more than 75,000 Victorians with Roadside Assistance in their time of need, including 22,000 people with a flat battery, 8,000 with a flat tyre, 7,000 with engine trouble, 2,500 who locked their keys in the car and 1,500 who ran out of fuel.

    Whether you run into trouble on the road in Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo, the Great Ocean Road or anywhere in between, we’re here to help.

    Allianz Roadside Assistance covers cars, motorcycles, 4X4s and utes and all makes of vehicles

    Anyone with Allianz here??
  3. Alot of the roadside assist is just RACV sent out by other companies, got Holden roadside assistance with a new car, was just basic racv so be careful of what their offering
  4. Sorry Rus LerRus Ler - I was talking about Motorbike assistance only.

    I've edited the original post as well.
  5. Some will still send out RACV as I checked a few earlier this year when changing my insurance, I was better off having RACV Total Care than what the insurance companies were offering, this was mainly country areas
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  6. I just carry a puncture repair kit and basic toolkit to limp home on.
    Quit RACV after they told me to bugger off after a lowside resulting in a snapped gear lever on a rainy night.

    Saying that I am extra careful to fill out up once I hit reserve...done the walk of shame 1 to many times ;)
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  7. I have Total Care with the Zthou as the primary vehicle. It covers me in/on any car or bike I'm driving/riding, plus covers anyone else who is riding the Z (Streety rides it occasionally, or my son).

    However, for bikes, they only do fuel or towing, no mechanical stuff.
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  8. Yeah I have it as part of the purchase of my new bike. Free 2 years roadside assist with Allianz. Havent needed to use it yet.
  9. Tube tyres and spoke wheels :-( have a 3000 + km trip in November so new boots and service before I leave. I don't wait for reserve, always like plenty of fuel, rather fill up more often than push :)
  10. *chiming in* in case anyone from NSW comments on who they use for roadside assistance.
  11. If you're in Victoria, join the VMC for $35 and get motorcycle specific roadside assistance and add your voice to supporting advocacy.

    It is not crash recovery.

    It is breakdown assistance.

    Victorian Motorcycle Council - Home
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  12. I go with RACV total care on my Car. Therefore this covers me on any other vehicle I'm driving / riding at the same time, so the bike is automatically covered. (Extra benefit that the car is a work car, so I get part tax exempt). :)
  13. Done..
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  14. I'm a member of the NSW Motorcycle Alliance - but I am yet to use their services.
  15. I am/ was with NSW Motorcycle Alliance. Maybe because they are small and cheap but each year my membership runs out I have to chase them up to renew which reminds me so I'm not sure if I'm covered atm. I haven't used the services yet.
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  16. Likewise.

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  17. Welcome folks. :)

    just FYI, it can take 10 days for the card and details to hit your letter box.
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    I have RACV total car for my car but wasn't 100% sure if it covered me on the bike...it says something about other cars I drive but I don't remember it saying anything about riding, so I joined the VMC as well.

    Plus it's good to support those who advocate on behalf of your hobby
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  19. +1
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  20. Call up RACV and put the bike on Total Care as well. Confirm that you're the primary (or nominated) account holder and whatever you drive is under RACV care.

    I might take that option as well even though have taken the VMC offer just now.
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